Exclusive Brickmania event kit for BrickMagic 2011

Brickmania is once again proud to sponsor the second annual BrickMagic LEGO fan convention and exhibition taking place May 5th-8th in Raleigh, NC. Again we are providing a micro scale buildingevent kit, this time being a very “swooshable” P-38 Lighting fighter plane. This 50-piece kit is built to 1/120 scale (same as Brickmania’s other “Micro Scale” planes) and will ONLY be available at BrickMagic. You can get yours FREE by attending with a full Exhibitor Registration (click HERE to start the registration process).  We will also have a few available for sale during the public hours (May 7-8th) while supplies last.  Of course we will also have the full Brickmania & BrickArms store in the vendor area, this time with double the table space as last year!

UPDATE: The event organizers gave us a small handful of leftover kits at the end of the show, which are now currently available on the Brickmania website HERE.

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