New Release: M1A1 Anti-Tank Mine Pack


The US AT Mine Pack with M1A1 Anti-Tank mines + crate is a Brickmania exclusive crate and mine pack that comes with the following items that are sure to wreck havoc and mayhem:

  • BrickArms crate with printed sides and top (triple-sided print)
  • 8 M1A1 AT mines with custom printing


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2 thoughts on “New Release: M1A1 Anti-Tank Mine Pack

  1. I want to purchase M1A1 Anti tank mine packs .
    How do I proceed . Store not carrying it and site says not available ??

    • These are currently sold out. We may bring it back again in the future. In general, looking up products released over a year ago might result in disappointment. Our products sell out rather quickly – your best bet it to make the order within the first week or two of a release. If we bring these back again in the future, that would be my suggestion.

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