BrickArms and Accessories


As we continue to ship MOCalypse Now Sale on BrickArms, Stickers and MOC Accessories for our first Vietnam MOC Contest. Our Customer Service team is working hard to make sure that your orders are shipping and you get what you need for your newest MOC. The picture below is the BrickArms wall in our Customer Service room, where they pick each one of your favorite BrickArms that will soon be on your doorstep. We want to see your builds, so set up your own action shots and share them with us!

We always love to see what the fan community is building, and we all get a kick out of seeing our kits on your shelves and in your dioramas. Give us a work-in-progress pictures and show us what you are working on for the upcoming MOC Contest! What is an upcoming kit or minifig that you are most excited to add to your MOC or diorama. What have you done with your current project that you’ve done differently from older projects? What MOC accessories are you most excited to add that next level of detail?

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