HH-60G PAVE Hawk

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  1. Hi. I’m back. Back to ask if this may ever be released in a book for just the instructions. I have been looking since y’all sold out. I’m just wondering if there is anyway I can get my hands on the instructions.

  2. Hi,
    If it is not possible to have more batch because of the windshield, it could be nice to have a “build kit” with the instruction and minifig only.

  3. Thank you Jason, I am sorry for asking so many questions it’s just I have family who fly Pave Hawk and I’m just trying to get a gift but I missed it, I just appreciate you answering my questions as you have been the biggest help.

    • I’m sorry, but that’s not a kit we’ll be able to restock, due to parts availability. If we do make the instructions available, we’ll announce it here on the blog and elsewhere, like our YouTube channel!

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