Education Programs at Brickmania Toyworks

Brickmania Education

Brickmania Education uses LEGO® and other toys to create challenging and educational programs for young people. From our home in the Brickmania Toyworks in Minneapolis, MN, we host field trips, classes, and summer programs. We also do off-site educational activities, demonstrations and exhibits in schools, community centers and museums.


Building with the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 system at the Brickmania Toyworks.

STEM Programs

A main component of Brickmania Education is a hands-on curriculum intended to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. The centerpiece of our STEM program is our series of multi-tiered week-long “Boot Camps” that which uses LEGO® to teach robotics from basic mechanical principals, to introductory robot building, to advanced programing and automation. We also have condensed classroom activities that promote hands on learning in a number of scientific, mechanical and engineering fields.

World War II display at Evansville Museum built by Brickmania

World War II display at Evansville Museum built by Brickmania

Building History

Brickmania has a long tradition of promoting an active appreciation of world history, civic responsibility, and human achievement. Our historical models and dioramas have won awards and acclaim for historical accuracy and their ability to engage a younger audience. Our models are used as classroom learning aids in schools and are regularly featured in museums, veterans halls and memorials. The Brickmania Toyworks features several prominent displays of our historic and architectural models with subjects that rotate regularly. We also lead regular group builds  and other hands-on activities revolving around historic, architectural and artistic subjects at Brickmania Toyworks and at other locations.

Field Trips and Rolling Classroom

Brickmania Toyworks has been host to a variety of field trips and activities by schools, educational clubs, Scouts and other civic and professional organizations. We can also provide a wide variety of learning opportunities on location in schools or other community education sites.

Upcoming Programs

We are currently working on our Spring and Summer programs for 2015. Building on our popular week-long Robotics Boot Camp, we plan to offer three different week-long Robotics Boot Camps targeting all levels of proficiency. More information on these and other new programs will be posted here shortly after New Years.

Brickmania Education Mailing List

We have created a special mailing list if you are interested in receiving updates on educational programs at Brickmania Toyworks.  Click HERE for the sign-up page.


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