Open House @ Brickmania Toyworks


Brickmania opens our NE Minneapolis Brickmania Toyworks on the second Saturday of each month.

10AM to 4PM – Second Saturday of the month only!

$5 per person or $10 for a group of four.  Ages 3 and under free.

Brickmania Toyworks
1620 Central Avenue NE, Suite 170
Minneapolis, MN 55413

IMPORTANT! We now have our own street entrance on the north side of the building. Although our address is on Central Ave NE, our outside entrance is on 18th, between Central and Jackson (look for our banner by the door).

What you will see:
10,000 square feet of unique, playful, one of a kind experiences.

Greater Midwest LEGO Train Club’s train layout.
Twin Cities LEGO Train Club’s layout.
These layouts are continually being added too. Come see how they transform month to month.

Brickmania’s Kinetic K’Nex Sculpture.
We have the world’s largest rolling ball Kinetic K’Nex sculpture circling our 10,000 square foot public area.  Come follow the balls as they make their way thru climbs and drops and loop-de-loops.

Brickmania Historic LEGO displays.
Brickmania will have a rotating collection of our historic displays, made from authentic LEGO elements, out for display.  Some will be complete and some may actually be created in front of your very eyes by Brickmania’s own Dan Siskind and other expert staff.

Brickmania’s Play areas featuring LEGO and DUPLO bricks.
We will also have our two play areas set up for builders of all ages.
The toddler area with DUPLO bricks and train set will engage young minds in early problem solving play.  While the Main building area will engage builders of all ages with a extensive variety of LEGO elements.

Brickmania’s own “Deuce and a Half” Authentic Army Truck.
Take a selfie in front of it.

So make sure and plan to your trip to the Brickmania Toyworks every second Saturday of the month throughout the year.



Here is a (bit dated) virtual tour of the Brickmania Toyworks:

101 thoughts on “Open House @ Brickmania Toyworks

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  3. Is there an open house on June 11? It looks like there’s an event going on that day. Would we have to pay $10 each, or still get the $10 for a group of 4 price?

    • There is a special event happening on June 11th called World War Brick. The public is welcome to attend, but admission price is higher ($10 per person). The train room will be open, and there will be lots of additional displays and special activities, but there will be no “play area” brick set out.

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  56. Hey Dan assume that you are having a open house on the 2nd Saturday of July but I also saw that there’s stuff going that week so I was just wondering if you are still having open house?

    • Brickmania Toyworks will be open July 13th for our usual second Saturday open house. I will be in Brickfete that weekend and not at our space.

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