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A New Shipment of Rare “Reloaded” BrickArms is Here!

BrickArms Reloaded

Every once in a while we’re able to acquire some special hand-injected BrickArms weapons for our customers. Today we have just received a special allotment of “Reloaded” BrickArms weapons. These are made using a two-step molding process where “metal” and “wood” parts are molded together using two different colors of ABS plastic. These are very difficult to produce and are inherently more rare than the regular production BrickArms weapons.

Reloaded weapons currently in stock:

All BrickArms “Reloaded” weapons come packaged in their own blister pack.

We have also been able to get a small amount of the Wireframe printed XBR4s in the same shipment. We only have a few so get them while you can!

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