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Sneak Peak: A look at Brickmania’s Upcoming Releases


The Soviet Union’s answer to the Tiger and Panther came in the form of the IS-2 Heavy Tank. With a a massive 122mm main gun, the IS-2 was the most powerful tank fielded by any army during World War II. Brickmania will be releasing a limited run of “Black Box” edition IS-2 kits in February.

The British are coming!  Continuing with out North Africa Campaign theme, Brickmania will be issuing new tropical British & Commonwealth troops. Look for them in upcoming kits, plus limited opportunities to purchase extra figures to fill out your ranks!

A line-up of prototype models for the next Brickmania kits to be released over the next couple of months. Front Row (L-R): P-40 Warhawk, Hawker Hurricane IIc, Bf-109 E-4 Trop. Back Row (L-R) M26 Pershing, IS-2 Heavy Tank, M3 Grant, A12 Matilda, Bren Carrier LP2, SdKfz 10 with Pak 36, M1025 Humvee,  and UTV (World War Brick event kit). More details to follow…

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