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Save This Weekend with the Russian Blitz!

Additional Figures and Accessories Sold Seperately


Save an additional 10% off of these EPIC Russian kits!  This offer is only good through Sunday 4/24/16 so don’t delay!  Read on to learn more about these awesome kits.

The Stalingrad ’42 Motherland Defense Pack comes fully loaded with a GAZ AAA Truck, ZiS-3 76mm Field Gun, Two Custom Russian Minifigs and BrickArms!



Or maybe a tank is more your style?  Have we got the kits for you!

The T-34/76 was Russia’s secret weapon, completely stunning the German High Command. Not only was the T-34 able to withstand almost anything the Germans could throw at it, but its 76mm gun could easily knock out both Panzer IIIs and IVs, then the heaviest tanks in the German arsenal.


Or perhaps something a little… bigger?
A direct descendant of the KV-1 heavy tank program, the IS-2 was the Russian answer to the German beasts.  It’s frontal armor was thick enough to withstand hits from Tigers and Panthers.  It’s own gun would obliterate the enemy, commonly operating at combat ranges of 1000 yards.  When armed with powerful high-explosive shells it would easily knock out infantry and fortifications.


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