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Brickmania SitRep – 3 August 18

Brickmania TV: SitRep - 3 August 18

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Welcome back Brickmaniacs! We have our weekly SitRep video for you. Here’s what’s in this episode:

New things:
Stryker – Armored Fighting Vehicle
Stryker Heavy Weapons Upgrade Kit
Stryker Light Weapons Upgrade Kit
WWII US Sergeant
Modern US Army Rifleman
WWII RAF Ground Crewman
M1 Steel Pot “Big Red 1”

Sneak peeks:
GMC CCKW – 2 1/2 Ton Cargo Truck
Canvas Bed Cover – Pack for CCKW
Canvas Cab Cover and Winch – Pack for CCKW
Bomb Loader – Pack for CCKW
Bofors – 40mm Automatic Gun M1
WWII Jeep With US Airborne Soldier

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