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Long Distance Media Vol. II


We have been showing you our process, and how we have been affected by COVID-19 along with the entire world. We have shown you the empty desks of Designer’s Row, the quiet production floor and how we were still taking care of our fans from home. But from design to your shelf, the kits that you love most also come across these desks (from home).

Above you’ll see an artist’s workshop, the kind that brings you everything from your instruction booklet to the promotional graphic you just liked the other day. Taking the design team’s work and renders of new products, this desk does the heavy lift of formatting and styling it all into the usable and iconic packaging that we all love so much. Your eyes feast upon his fantastic work when you load up the store to see what’s new. Despite the distance from his normal desk, his abilities are still appreciated around the world.

Here you’ll find the desk that responds to media inquires, social media questions, organizes donations of The Coloring Book, provides support for fans, the Archives and Retail Stores. We are all missing our work family, and it has affected our workflow and our brain chemistry, but we persevere with social distancing for the greater good of our community. We continue to work from home so that fans like you have a way to beat the COVID-19 cabin fever. We thank you for being a part of our journey, and supporting us throughout it all.

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