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Customer Service Returns


As Minnesota businesses like Brickmania begin to slowly return to work, our Customer Service team is back in action at our Minneapolis Headquarters. You might remember them taking care of fans from home, and now they’ve returned to make sure that all of our fans get what they need to deal with the ongoing quarantine. Utilizing new procedures to fight the spread of COVID-19 and continue social distancing, our team is adjusting to the new normal like the winners they are.

Above is the BrickArms wall where you’ll find the full selection of minifig gear and weapons that you need for the most recent build or your next ambitious MOC! This wall is a wonder for each of us who first see it. Every new employee that tours the facility are instantly in awe. I know that for my part, learning so many BrickArms was a daunting task. Visitors (back when we could have them) would shake their heads in amazement. Many of the kits we produce utilize this gear, and many of you order them to take your MOCs to the next level. On this wall the scope of what Brickmania does comes into focus, and this is just the gear!

One of the captains of the Customer Service office is Holly. She is overjoyed to have another keyboard to lay on other than Dan’s. She is especially conscious of her own importance after her inclusion in The Coloring Book that is helping support the fight against COVID-19 through the efforts of the World Central Kitchen. And if there is one thing that Holly loves more than standing on your desk, it’s any kitchen that is feeding the hungry. Thank you all for your continued support, it keeps this kitty and many people fed.

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