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Rise, Bricks


As our continuing coverage of the construction of our next epic build underway in our warehouse has made clear, the USS Makin Island is beginning to rise off the table. The progress made already is all thanks to our fans and their support. Below you can see a part of the hull that will soon be invisible, part of a massive display build that will surely take your eyes a moment to comprehend.

As Dan continues to lay planks together and the Makin Island is transformed from concept to reality, the rest of our work continues at the same breakneck speed that our fans have come to expect. Below you can see the cover of the newly restocked Overlord Bricks instruction book, seen here prior to binding in our printing department, a book which is definitely a must-have for builders everywhere.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to affect the world around us, it remains important for us all to keep our minds active and the fires of our hobbies burning to fight cabin fever. Being a part of a mega build like the USS Makin Island and seeing it rise from the table is one way to excite our imaginations. Finding the next build for our collection in a book like Overlord Bricks, gives us something to look forward to. Stay safe, stay healthy, wash your hands and maintain social distancing, Brickmaniacs.

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