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Brick Mini with Micro Brick Battle


Yesterday we launched the brilliantly made Brick Mini products to go alongside our Micro Brick Battle sets. Next week we plan to release the first infantry-based rules for the Micro Brick Battle Game System and we couldn’t be more excited to get these game pieces onto the battlefield! Below you see that not only do they come in free standing versions, but also a tank commander that can fit atop of your favorite tank!

As the rules get out into the wild, we will want our fans to playtest and share stories from the heat of battle! Our growing community over at the Official Micro Brick Battle Forums is going to be the first place we look for feedback on these rules and the number one place where we will look for additional inspiration from our fans. We’ve already been playing with these guys in the warehouse and we’ve had an absolute blast the whole way!

What is the first scenario you will play out once you get the new infantry rules on the table? What is the first Micro Brick Battle MOC you want to build using the Brick Mini Nano Soldiers? How does the addition of infantry change your current strategies?

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