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Holly Holidays


As we all are doing our best to stay ahead of the end-of-the-year holiday production schedule, it’s important to take a moment to appreciate what we have and who we support with all our efforts. Our fans have time and again helped make amazing things like the Wounded Warrior Fundraiser and raising money for COVID-19 relief through our amazing Coloring Book program. Never far from our minds is the fact that our fans continue to support not only our amazing innovative work designing next-level building kits, but each of you contributes to feeding the Pets@BKM that we adore so much, like Holly, shown below sitting diligently at the office door as she likes to do.

Don’t forget to get the building kits that you have your eyes on with our 5% holiday sale (note that that does not apply to preorders) and make sure that you check the Holiday Shipping Deadlines and be ahead of the curve for those you love. We are overjoyed to share behind-the-scenes looks at what we do here, and we are extremely thankful for your continued support during a tumultuous year. Our fans continue to share their amazing MOCs and dioramas, and you continue to help make the best job we ever had even more rewarding on a daily basis. To you and yours, we say thank you, and we can’t wait to see what you get to open and build this holiday season!

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