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Mach Buster Bundle


As we look toward the vaunted Space Race Themed Month in April, we have a very special preorder that launched yesterday, the world famous Bell® X-1, which was the first manned airplane to exceed the speed of sound in level flight. Although these sets aren’t scheduled to come out until April, we know that our fans will be scooping these up at the speed of sound! This kit, and the mini-kit that it has been bundled with for a limited time only, is nothing short of fantastic to build and highly swooshable. As most of our fans already know, our building kits don’t tend to stay in stock for long, and mini-kits sell out even faster, so this is a chance to get two amazing sets at a Mach busting price!

Don’t miss your chance to get these fantastic sets before they are out of stock! If you are reading this and the set has already sold out, then definitely get over to the store and see what building kits you might fancy, or grab yourself a custom minifig that you’ve been eying for a while, or else pick up some BrickArms or MOC accessories to get your next project built to perfection! Don’t forget that we’ve recently restocked a lot of the official Brickmania® Track Links™ which are consistently requested and often sold out, so grab yourself some packs for your next build today! As we like to say around here, winners aren’t born, they’re built!

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