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U-2 Can Build It!


With one of the most impressive wingspans of any building kit from our catalog to date, the new U-2 is truly a sight to behold. The image of it you see below is from the warehouse as the prototype was being tested and the instructions were being constructed. This is one of those sets that you have to see to believe, and one which master builders would revel at the opportunity to snap together.

Featuring one of the coolest cover art renders in our lineup, the Dragon Lady® is a majestic brick built bird that you will want in your collection. With over 1,600 pieces, and the debut of another outside designer we are proud to work with, this set is unique in many ways that fans will surely appreciate. There aren’t many left available since the exclusive pre-order launched yesterday, so if you don’t grab one now you might not have the opportunity again for a long time!

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