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MB240 is back!


The hugely popular MB240 is back by popular demand! This excellent kit is shown below just prior to the plastic wrap sealing process. This is the last stop in production before it passes through the door on the way to yours. Our first batch of these amazing sets sold out so quickly that we moved around a few items on our schedule so that we could get another batch out the door for our fans. We were so happy to have worked with a community designer to make these kits happen!

These fantastic sets come with two amazing minifigures, featuring custom made hair and beard accessories. Additionally, this set has no stickers, all of the kit details are custom UV printed elements. Whether you’ve been looking for a truck, or unique minifigures with the world’s most detailed accessories, this might be the kit you want to grab before they sell out. These sets will be an excellent addition to your collection, especially for those builders who are most interested in modern vehicles.

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