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Brickmania Expands, V3


It’s been a busy time for everyone at Brickmania. While we have been working with BrickMini on their new Kickstarter, we launched the future warfare sets like the Bell® V-280 Valor®. Beyond those epic releases we’ve also launched more preorders that has our fan community (and us) excited, and even as we continue releasing the coolest minifigs on the planet, we are still processing and preparing for the newest expansion in our production warehouse.

Regular readers have already seen how the wall was being torn down in the production warehouse, and how an entire new section of the production facility (and the floor of next year’s World War Brick) has expanded greatly in 2021. To the right you’ll see the double doors leading to a new and much improved employee breakroom (that some of you may have seen Dan working on lately on Instagram).

Want to know what’s coming up on our radar? Check out this blog post for the June calendar!

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