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Roman Update


There are still a few Castra – Roman Fort Barracks building kits available online, and they are a sight to behold! Featuring some of the most amazing collections of printed pieces, and an exclusive minifigure, the team has truly taken #MedievalBricks to an entirely new level. Our fans have already seen in our initial Medieval Bricks kickoff video and in our recent Medieval Bricks update this is going to be a truly spectacular modular build for the very best building experience.

This picture was taken of the initial prototype build that sits in the design room. These Roman buildings have been amazing to watch build and the entire team has had a ton of fun creating them. This isn’t just one designer, either, the entire design team and the full force of Brickmania’s creative and artistic minds has been deployed to provide our fan community with one of the most iconic builds we’ve ever produced! The return of the medieval theme has been a long time coming and the fans have been extremely excited and supportive so we can’t wait for these to be added to your collections!

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