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Gemini Returns To Earth


Our Space Race theme has seen a dramatic return this week, with the restock of our Gemini Astronauts, the Gemini Spacecraft and the Gemini Mission Tile Pack. These fantastic kits, figs and tiles are yet another example of some of the amazing art and the detailed historically accurate designs. It’s a fitting bookend for our final week of #MedievalBricks, from swords and spears to stars and rockets.

Our SpecOps preorders are already underway, from the MK V SOC, the Pink Panther, AAV-P7/A1 and the Westland Lysander are all excellent additions to any collection. The fan favorite F-22® Raptor® also made a return in our Monday Restocks, and there are still new releases such as the Medieval siege weapons like the Onager, Trebuchet and the Carroballista.

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