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With another week of fantastic fan favorite Preorders and some outstanding New Releases, and another round of terrific Restocks, there is a lot to love about SpecOps Month already! From the brand new M777 and MTVR MK23, Arado Ar-234C, to the iconic SH-3A Sea King™ and the MH-60L DAP Black Hawk®, we have some envelope pushing building kits and exclusive custom minifigs.

Everyone who works here takes a lot of pride in our work, and we know that our mission is to bring our fan community the absolute best building experience in the entire world. The process starts on the designer’s desk and ends on your shelf, but every kit and every piece passes through these sorting cups on the desks of our fantastic production team. We have a breakneck pace here at Brickmania, with restocks every Monday and new releases every Friday, and its because of the hard work of every person in the pipeline that makes it happen!

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