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World War Brick Exclusives! Now Available

Wow, What a week! World War Brick Was amazing, and we’re already working on what next year is going to look like! But for those of you who missed or were unable to attend, don’t worry. For a very limited time we will be selling our WWB leftovers on Firstly we have the Force Recon Marine (WWB 2022 Exclusive) a unique modern marine minifig perfect for your spec ops missions. As well as a M1161 ITV-LSV (WWB 2022 Exclusive Event Kit) to pair perfectly with your new minifigs, but that’s not all we also have the event exclusive water bottles and lanyards as well as a pair of new digital instructions, the War Rig and FN-A Interceptor are releasing this week as well as sticker packs for each. the FN-A Interceptor sticker pack even has the stickers to build an alternate colorway of this famous movie car. We also have a large number of BrickArms® and BrickWarriors minifig accessories. Have a great week and keep your eyes out for more cool stuff!

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