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Brickmania Monthly Calendar: November 2022

Brickmania Monthly Calendars feature sneak peeks of what’s to come with our Monday/Wednesday/Friday launches as well as previews of sales, events, and other specials! Plus, exclusive coupons you can use all month long in retail stores and online!

Please note that due changing schedules all calendar information is subject to change without notice.

Download the Brickmania 2022 November calendar below:

Brickmania Monthly Calendars are a great way to say up to date on all things Brickmania! You can download each month’s from our blog or find them included with recent orders. Please note that calendar coupon codes are good for that calendar month only and do not stack with other coupons. However, these codes can be used in addition to automatic promotions (i.e. Buy 3 Get 4th Free) or Elite discounts.

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