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Working with Social Distance


We just wanted to show you all some more of what we are doing to support social distancing in the warehouse. These stanchions have been used at World War Brick and across the country at fan conventions but now they are enlisted in the fight against COVID-19. In the past these would be stationed around enormous MOCs like the USS Missouri, and they will one day surround the USS Makin Island.

We have instituted strict rules and we are taking every step to keep safeguards up for everyone. Below you can see the USS Makin Island construction area, where parts are assembled for one of the largest brick built vessels in the world. While he is not shipping out orders, Dan is spending his time here laying brick on what will be a world class build.

As you can see, and much as you would imagine, there is much to do as we continue to adjust to the new normal. Counting brick from home, and strictly regulating the flow of employees picking up bricks has required a lot of changes, but these changes are both important and worth our efforts. Each of us, just like each of you, has a duty to their community to continue to social distance and practice proper hand washing.

Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to continue to work at the best job ever even during these difficult times. Your support continues to be our rock and we work hard everyday for fans just like you. You’re the winners that aren’t born, you’re built!

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