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Unique Part Designs


Below is another behind the scenes look at one of the departments that make Brickmania unique and innovative. When parts do not exist that we need in order to make the historically accurate builds we strive for, we produce them ourselves. Our fantastic designers are working everyday to produce things that no one else in the world can.

What you see above is a piece that we produced for the Lunar Rover and going from concept to finished piece is a process that requires a vast amount of knowledge and a keen eye for detail. You’ll find these parts no where else in the world, and the distinctive appearance they bring to kits cannot be underestimated. These are not parts that were modified or altered, these are ones born inside our warehouse and available no where else in the world.

Above is just one corner of our operation, and these machines are responsible for a vast number of unique elements and accessories that we have produced for minifigures, building kits and specialty pieces that people ask us about every day. Remember that when you purchase one of our building kits, you are helping support the amazing work being done in this room by some of the best designers in the world.

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