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Production Throughput


Production continues to exceed our expectations, but the demand from our fans continues to outpace our inventory. Our team receives messages every week about people missing out on a restock or new release they wanted. The production team works hard every week to take these bins and make batched kits of them for our retail stores and the web. These bins carry the parts, but the boxed product in your hand is the sum of their efforts.

We showed you previously how these bins get sorted, and where some of the pieces get sourced. What some people don’t grasp is how this process is constrained by part availability, labor hours and the time needed for design innovation. We get a lot of people asking, “why can’t you make all of the minifigs” or “why don’t you just  restock your everything” but the reality is that we simply don’t have the production capabilities to achieve that, and even if we did, the parts may not exist in the quantities that we would need to do so.

With that in mind, we want to know what themes you are interested in, what restocks and new designs we should focus on. As we have said numerous times before, our fans make what we do possible and we are always looking for ways to get your opinion and find new designs that you crave. Let us know on your favorite social media platform what you would like to see our amazing production team to work on next!

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