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Daily Hand Counting


Every piece inside of one of our building kits has been hand counted, and the wonderful humans that do the counting do so in socially-distanced workstations like the one shown below. After the pieces are pulled from our parts wall they are brought to a staging area before landing on a desk like this one. Brickmania is full of amazing people that care about the quality of our products and it shows in their dedication and attention to detail.

Every kit on your shelf started on a desk like this one. We continue to have the opportunity to bring you the worlds best historical building experience because of the hard work of our production team members. Every builder knows how important the right pieces are, how some pieces are hard to corral without losing time in search. Collectors around the world also know how difficult it is to sort a parts list effectively. Our team processes new releases and restocks everyday, providing the online store and our retail locations with the new boxed kits that our fans keep demanding each week.

We want to know about your own parts sorting and counting best practices, and we’d love for you to send your thanks to our production team for bringing your community new products every week (we love bringing messages of appreciation to the teams that work behind the scenes, its one of our favorite things!). What parts do you often mistake for one another? Which pieces have you had the most problem keeping on the table (I lose 1×1 round tiles every time I build!)?

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