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Thanking Our Vets


As the official Customer Service mascot, Holly is on station to show our veterans her support! Holly wants you to know that she needs your help on the Wounded Warrior Project fundraiser. You can learn more about the fundraiser here, and Holly wants you all to tell as many people as you can! She would also like to say that she hasn’t eaten yet today (she has, but she’s never admitted to being full). You can make her happy, and help our heroes with a donation today!

Our goal is to raise over $6,000 for veterans and their families before Veterans Day 2020, and we need the community to do it! This community has raised a lot of money for veterans charities in the past, both through fundraisers like this one and and through charity auctions at World War Bricks of old. We are always humbled and thankful for our fans for their support, and we are grateful that we have the opportunity to help our beloved veterans.

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