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Revolutionary Holiday Season


Here is a quick picture of one of the coolest collections of minifigures on the planet, the Revolutionary War Chess set which was once a Mystery Crate. Featuring some of the most iconic individuals from the American Revolution, this Chess set is absolutely a one-of-a-kind marvel of minifigures. But as we near the vaunted Holiday Shipping Deadlines, we are hoping that all of you get what you wanted as presents for the holidays. This picture was taken from the desk of our first builder in the production warehouse, where the first kit from the design room is put together using the first printed instruction book from the print room.

Don’t wait to get that building kit that you have been eye, because as we near those holiday shipping deadlines the stocks will surely drop quickly, and after people have their Christmas money to spend, you can expect the online and retail stores to be cleared out of most of the best kits from 2020! We can’t fully express the gratitude that we all feel for the support and excitement around our work, and as we near the end of 2020 we all know that it is you – the fans – that make Brickmania what it is. Thank you all, both for being fans and customers, but also supporting great causes along the way. You make us all proud!

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