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Presents, Present!


As the holidays continue to barrel down on us all, we once again bring you into our production warehouse to show you where many of our fans’ holiday presents are being assembled, boxed and wrapped. Can you guess what this set is that is finally being put into those signature boxes? If you had this box wrapped and under your tree, would you know what your loved ones got for you? Sharing the holiday spirit is one of the great pleasures of working for a toy company, and everyone in our production warehouse is hard at work making everything perfect for our fans.

Don’t forget the fast approaching Holiday Shipping Deadlines and make sure to get ready to use that holiday money on some of the excellent kits that won’t stay in stock for long! Remember also that there is a 5% sale on all in-stock building kits going on now, so this would be the perfect time to snag something for the Brickmaniac in your family! As always, the holiday season is a time of reflection upon the year gone past, and a moment to appreciate what we have and what is to come. Our fans and our community is what makes Brickmania the best job we ever had, and we continue to be thankful for your support during a trying year.

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