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To The Beaches


Here is another amazing behind-the-scenes look at one of our minifigure action shots. Whether you are a heavy hitter or a BrickArms® collector, we know that builders of all kinds love to see a good action shot. For those of you who are working on an Online MOC Submission, or preparing a kit idea for the Mini-Kit Audition, getting a good picture of your build is sometimes the most satisfying part of the process. Our in house action shot photographer, Drew, definitely enjoys this part of his job and it shows in the result!

You’ve already seen some of how our minifigures are marched through our UV production, and its clear that we can’t keep these amazing products in stock no matter how quickly we produce them. From Customer Service to your shelf, these minifigures are a sight to behold and are constantly in high demand. We continue to get requests for particular minifig restocks, even though our production capacity is very limited and our catalog is extremely broad. We love to see the action shots from our fans and what amazing ways our minifigures are utilized in your MOCs.

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