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Custom 3D Elements


Many of you are already firmly aware of our industry-leading Custom 3D Printed Elements. Your MOCs and our kits both greatly benefit from these unique parts which are made entirely in-house. The ones featured below are from the now sold out Lunar Rover Vehicle, but we are constantly pushing the boundaries on our knowledge and the technology we use to bring our fan community the very best elements to build with.

We’ve previously shown how our innovations drive our ability to serve our community and make unique builds, and just like the foundational elements we use in every kit, these are incredibly difficult to keep in stock. Our fans know that they can take their creations to the next level and bring that extra detail that makes onlookers say “wow” and that gives a vehicle the historical accuracy that we all appreciate. It’s because of our fans that we are able to do these remarkable works of art, and for that opportunity, we thank you all.

What is your favorite Brickmania 3D element? What elements would you like to see us produce in the future? If you weren’t already aware of it, definitely drop us a line in the Official Suggestion Box and let us know what you want to see us do next!

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