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Custom Printed Roman Armor


As many of you are aware, our #MedievalBricks Minifig of the Month is the Roman Legionary, which is one of the most ambitious and detailed minifig projects in our extensive catalog. Below you can see sorting buckets from our Production Warehouse where these magnificent figures are being prepared for your collection! We’ve shown you behind the scenes process of creating our exclusive custom minifigures, and the Legionary takes that process to an entirely new level.

Not only are these figures printed with extremely detailed UV artwork, and packed with the care we show to each new minifig, but we’ve created entirely new custom 3D printed elements using the techniques we’ve pioneered with our unique part designs over the years. The Legionary is a true herald of the power of our community, which has supported and empowered us to push the envelope and create such amazing designs.

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