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Dearest Brickmaniacs from all around the world,

We often remind you that winners aren’t born, they’re built. One part of building a winner is recognizing when others need help and rise to the occasion. Brickmania has always cared about our community, both locally and globally. We have continued to find new ways to give back, and our fans have always been there to support these amazing charities. For your support both here and elsewhere, thank you all!


Minnesota Military Family Foundation

For November 2021 Brickmania has elected to spotlight several deserving individuals who are military veterans or active service members and part of the military LEGO community. Our goal is to show those new to this community that it is supportive and welcoming, and that no one is alone.

We’re also working in conjunction with the Minnesota Military Family Foundation to raise money to support service families in need.

All month long Brickmaniacs can make donations to the Minnesota Military Family Foundation in the sums of $5, $25, $50, and $100 via our donations page. Donors will receive a downloadable thank you certificate with each donation and from 11/8/2021 to 11/14/2021 Brickmania will be matching donations for MMFF.

Brickmania strongly believes in the betterment of the military LEGO community as well as the veteran community as a whole. The Minnesota Military Family Foundation has an incredible track record of putting the military community first and we are proud to partner with them this month to help those in need and hope you feel the same.

Brickmania The Coloring Book

We have already donated over 4,287 Coloring Books to active duty service members, veterans, first responders and organizations like hospitals, nursing homes, and Support Military Families across the globe. The Coloring Book was created to give families something to do while stay-at-home orders and COVID-19 quarantine restrictions were in effect.

In addition to those donations, we have raised over $2,577.25 for the World Central Kitchen to support COVID-19 relief efforts. You can help too, simply by buying a physical or digital copy of The Coloring Book, you can help feed families through the wonderful people at the World Central Kitchen.


Wounded Warrior Project & LCAC Donation!

In addition to the money raised for the Wounded Warrior Project, once the target has been reached we will schedule a new batch of LCAC – Landing Craft Air Cushion Building Kits and donate one to the United States Navy in honor of the service members who bravely operate and service these amazing vehicles in the defense of freedom around the world. The Wounded Warrior Project is the perfect place to build winners with your kindness. Please donate today!

We have set up a donation page for the Wounded Warrior Project, a fantastic nonprofit organization that offers a variety of programs, services and events for wounded veterans of military actions. They have been “tireless advocates for our nation’s finest, improving the lives of millions of warriors and their families. Wounded Warrior Project is transforming the way America’s injured veterans are empowered, employed, and engaged in our communities.” We have until Veterans Day, November 11th 2020 to reach our target to support our service members! Please donate today!

NOTE: This fundraising program is a Brickmania initiative to support our armed forces and active duty service members and veterans. We want to send one of our kits to the U.S. Navy and our Navy Sailors to show our community’s support and appreciation for their service. This program is not endorsed by nor in conjunction with the United States Navy.


World War Brick Quilt Auctions

Here is two examples of the World War Brick Quilts we made and auctioned for the Wounded Warrior Project at World War Brick. We are already ready to auction off a new World War Brick Quilt for The Mission Project at our next World War Brick in 2021!

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