Brickmania’s World War Brick 2020

BRICKMANIACS! It’s the long awaited return of World War Brick! Join us June 12 – 14, 2020 for World War Brick in Minneapolis, MN! We will be hosting this event in our Brickmania Toyworks space and at the GHQ Store – which are both located in the Thorp Building. Exhibitor space is limited to 200 seats so be sure to sign up ASAP to lock in your spot! We’ll also have public tickets for June 13 and 14 available at a later date for those not interested in displaying.

Check out the World War Brick blog for regular updates on what’s inbound fro World War Brick 2020!

Stay tune for more details on gift bags, activities, and other general awesomeness inbound for World War Brick 2020! Be sure to show off your excitement by using the hashtag #WorldWarBrick on social media.

We’re incredibly excited for the return of this epic event and we hope you are too!

Lodging and Transportation details

Brickmania Retail Location Events

BRICKMANIACS! As BKM’s retail presence has expanded, so has the opportunity for fans to join us for some epic events!! Our current locations in Chantilly, Chicago, and Minneapolis all host multiple monthly events for you to enjoy.

Here’s a breakdown of the events available at ALL BKM locations


Brickmania SitRep 1/23/2020

Brickmania 1/23/2020 New Releases & Clearance Items

BRICKMANIACS! The M50A1 Ontos, MUTT M151, and the Vietnam War Hue Marines Sticker Pack are now available for individual purchase! Remember, the Ontos is slated to be a one-time release so available quantities will be very limited.

Also, we are happy to feature our new clearance section! This tab will be updated regularly to feature kits available at a permanently reduced price – you can even combine these discounted items with ongoing promotions to save even more!

Here’s a quick look at which items are available right now for a reduced price…


Brickmania Jan./Feb. Preorders

BRICKMANIACS! Due to overwhelming demand, we’ve decided to once again make some of or most exclusive kits and bundles available for preorder! Now you can you secure your favorite BKM new releases with free shipping to select locations* AND for 15% off through Wednesday (1/22/2020) with promo code: DREAM.

Check out the most recent SitRep video to hear Dan discuss our available preorders!

Here’s what’s available right now, remember to use promo code: DREAM for 15% off!


Brickmania New Releases and Early Restocks Thursday 1/16/2020

BRICKMANIACS! Thanks to our awesome production department we’re able to bring you a TON of awesome new stuff and restocks just in time for our MLK Jr. Day sale! Just use promo code: DREAM and save 15% on your entire order! This sale does not include the World War Brick weekend pass.

Plus, we’re got details and savings on lodging and transportation for World War Brick! Be sure to use the hashtag #WorldWarBrick on social media to show off your excitement for this epic event!

Here’s what’s back, what’s new, and what’s on sale right NOW…


PREORDER: Brickmania Jagdtiger Heavy Tank Destroyer

BRICKMANIACS! Preorder the NEW Brickmania Jagdtiger Heavy Tank Destroyer and save 15% – preorder yours here. This kit is slated for a single run of 100 copies, so don’t wait to claim yours!

Also, if you’re near a Brickmania retail location you can still take advantage of this awesome 15% off preorder – cannot be combined with other in store offers or sales.

About the Jagdtiger Heavy Tank Destroyer:


Early Weekly Restocks from Brickmania

BRICKMANIACS! As usual our awesome production department is crushing their deadlines, so we figured why wait? Next week’s restocks are available NOW!

This upcoming week’s new release is the Jagdtiger. There will NOT be a restock for this kit so be sure to scoop yours up ASAP on Thursday 1/16/2020!

Remember, World War Brick 2020 weekend passes are available for $75 for A LMITED TIME. As space fills up the price of the exclusive passes will increase so don’t wait to claim yours! Also, all of our retail locations are now set to provide you with FIVE monthly events for you to enjoy – new to the scene is Tabletop Tuesday, Rolling Wednesday, and the Brickmaniac’s Club. Be sure to check them out!

Alright, here’s what’s available right now…

Happy Building!

Brickmania New Releases 1/9/2020

BRICKMANIACS! Be sure to check out our awesome retail events and join fellow Brickmaniacs each month for a variety of epic activities. Plus, World War Brick Weekend Passes are on sale NOW! Don’t wait to scoop yours up and claim your seat at this impressive event!

Alright, here’s whats new this week from Brickmania…

Happy Building!

Brickmania Tiger 131® Kit Now Available at The Tank Museum

BRICKMANIACS! After the epic collaboration between The Tank Museum®, Beyond the Brick, and Brickmania®, and the reveal of the officially licensed Tiger 131® custom military Lego® kit, you can now purchase the official Brickmania Tiger 131 kit from The Tank Museum store in Bovington, UK or online at The Tank Museum’s web store. Brickmania is very proud of this collaboration and the resulting kit. We are happy to support The Tank Museum in their efforts to maintain and revive these incredible historic vehicles.

Here’s more on this awesome collaboration and the resulting Tiger 131 custom military Lego kit…


Brickmania Restocks 1/6/2020

BRICKMANIACS! Check out our weekly SitRep video for an overview of whats back, what’s new, and what’s on the way! Plus, more information on the return of World War Brick!

Here’s what’s available right now…

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