Become a Plank Owner Through the BrickStarter Sponsorship Program!

BRICKMANIACS! Now you can get involved in Brickmania’s epic mega builds! Your sponsorship will help us create a 25-foot long, 1/35th scale display model that will be enjoyed by millions of people at events, memorials, and educational displays around the country. In recognition of your sponsorship, your name or message will be printed on a tile that will become a permanent part of the model. Additional rewards, discounts, and benefits are available for different sponsorship levels. We thank you in advance for your support!


Brickmania MOC Contests: Rules and Details

BRICKMANIACS! We’re thrilled to announce the return of our MOC contests for 2020! Here’s what you need to know…

The new Brickmania MOC Contests will be held twice per year. All entires must be new creations and should be submitted to with the following information…


Brickmania Weekend Promotions, Lando’s Randos, and Restock Preorders

BRICKMANIACS! We’ve got a ton of cool stuff to keep you busy this weekend! Here’s a look at some of the awesome deals and items you can get your hands on now, and remember ORDERS ARE STILL SHIPPING!

Let’s take a look at the list…


Continuing The Fight…


The World War Brick T-shirt Quilt is one of our favorite charity benefits, and it is always awesome to see so many iterations of Brickmania shirts going to a good cause. This year we can proudly say that even the unused parts of the Quilt have gone to supremely good use. The volunteer who was working on the Brickmania T-shirt Quilt for World War Brick has taken the unused backs and converted them into masks to help those who need them during the COVID-19 crisis.

Many people across the globe are in serious need of breathing masks, and with quantities so low due to the ongoing crisis, many people – even nurses and doctors – are reusing masks. These masks were handmade with the express purpose of being reusable. Our saintly volunteer has already handed out over 150 masks to people who would otherwise be without. For her efforts, and everyone out there who is helping fight this pandemic at every front, thank you all!

Next we wanted to show off these are pictures of Dan getting the auction kits together (click here to see all the rare and exclusive kits we have on auction!). As you can imagine, it is quite the undertaking to sort, assemble, box and ship these amazing sets even with a full team around you. But with a silent production facility and an office cat circling him (she says it’s mealtime at all times), Dan is ready to make some eBay bidders extremely excited!

As we discussed in our Auction Announcement, this is one way that you can get your hands on an out of production and retired kit. It is also a wonderful opportunity to support Brickmania in these times of hardship. Not only do you get to add an extremely rare set to your collection, but you can feel good knowing that you are feeding Holly, Dan and all of Brickmania for another day. No matter where in the world you are or whatever your favorite build, we are all in this together.

Thank you all for your continued support. It means the world to us.

Brickmania Quarantine Chronicles – 4.1.2020 Update

BRICKMANIACS! It’s time for another edition of the Brickmania Quarantine Chronicles! For this midweek update we have a few cool things to discuss…


Display Model Auction


We are excited to announce that we are putting up a batch of display models for auction. These one-of-a-kind kits were displayed in protected glass cases in our brick and mortar retail stores. They have been loved and appreciated by many, and now you have a chance to get your hands on extremely rare kits that have since been retired and only exist in private collections! Because many of our display models are built before the kit is released to the public, they are generally the very kit used in the SitReps and Designer Desk videos!

Every kit that we make goes through a rigorous QC and test process. We will be peeling back that part of our production life cycle later, but one important step is sending each of our brick and mortar retail locations a copy of every kit for display in the store. These display copies are sent back to HQ only after the kit is no longer eligible for restock and the final kit has been sold from the store. This means that some of these auction items are extremely sought after. 

Brickmania takes pride in creating usable and playable toys which can be rolled, turned and posed for maximum enjoyment. That’s why it is so important for fans to be able to see the built kit and to observe it in action. These kits are carefully bagged and shipped back to HQ, where a team reassembles them. By the time these display models reach your doorstep they have been a part of the entire Brickmania production process since the very beginning, and have seen the end of the life cycle for their limited release. 

Some kits, such as the Jumbo Sherman and the Tiger II “Königstiger”, were produced in an extremely limited quantity, and are even more rare than some of our other releases. Others, such as the OV-10G+ Bronco and the MQ-9 Reaper have been out of stock and retired for years, with many fans searching high and low for the last kits in the world. Still others are like the iconic Cold War era F-4C Phantom II, which is intensely popular with fans asking for a restock regularly. Between tight production cycles and the difficulty of finding specialty parts, some of these kits will never return and some will not return in the same coloration or specific design. Built with hand counted pieces, these models reflect a long tradition of historically accurate designs that are as fun to play with as they are to showcase on your shelf.

Our display model auctions are just one way that you can hold a piece of Brickmania history. These models make a fantastic addition to your collection and each has a story to tell. Once it has landed in the hands of a fan, the display model begins a second life, admired and played with for years to come, and that is one of the things that makes what we do so rewarding for us. We would love to hear from our fans who either bought one of these items at release, or have since made a bid on one of those currently on auction. Why is it the must-have kit for your collection? Have you ever bought an auction display model? Feel free to share with us with the hashtag #MyBrickmania! We love to see our fan’s collections!

To get in on this auction click here.

Where We’re At…


This is the beginning of a new series of blog posts to share how Brickmania is dealing with COVID-19 and how we continue to serve our fans during this shutdown. We have already taken steps to protect our team, our customers and our community, but your support during this difficult time is indispensable and appreciated. During the mandated shutdown of our main warehouse and production facility, we want to show you some of the gears under the armor. 

Brickmania employs some of the best brick counters and art creators in the world. These amazing Brickmaniacs sit at many different desks and have many different tasks to their name, but each and every one is a necessary part of what we do. From the designer’s desk to our number one fan’s shelf, a Brickmania kit passes through many departments, and every numbered set in a batch has the opportunity to be built by a fan anywhere on Earth.

Here is an example of one way that Brickmania is working during our shutdown: this is our Chief of Production’s home office, complete with sorting cups and parts lists for an upcoming release. Also shown is his own brick sorter that he developed when he was a line brick sorter. This helps him count easier and cleaner, to get this batch of kits out that much faster. Even as we stay at home, our team continues to work to get bricks and kits into the hands of fans like you! 

Everything we do from design to packaging is for our fans, and the reason we get to come in to work in this wonderful environment is because of our patrons. Even though most of us cannot come to work, Dan and the trusty (and ever hungry) office-cat Holly are still shipping out orders of those kits already in stock. This production floor is silent now, and the desks are empty to protect our community from the COVID-19 pandemic, but with your help we shall return and we shall endure.

Thank you for your support,


Commander-in-Chief, Brickmania

NEW Brickmania Preorders March 30, 2020

BRICKMANIACS! The first 100 orders can use code: SHUTIN to save 10%! Speaking of shut in, Dan is hunkered down at Brickmania HQ and is SHIPPING ORDERS! All in stock items are shipping on time! Though we shut down most of our operations from Friday March 27th until at least Monday April 13th due to orders from the State of Minnesota, Dan is still able to ship all items currently in stock. However, this will mean that preorders may be completed and shipped late as a result.

Speaking of preorders, here’s some NEW ones available RIGHT NOW:

You can stay up to date with all things Brickmania during our time away from the studio with THE QUARANTINE CHRONICLES.

Thank you for your patience during these difficult times and happy building!

Lockdown Sale – Save 20% With Code: SUPPORTBKM

BRICKMANIACS! Due to an executive order issued by the Governor of Minnesota we will be closing down for two weeks effective at midnight 3/27/2020. While this changes many things for Brickmania, it is a crucial time for support from our fans. Right now you can save 20% on all products online and in stores through our closure date with code: SUPPORTBKM – we will do our absolute best to ensure as many orders as possible will ship before we close our doors.


Stay Home with Brickmania – Social Media Savings!

BRICKMANIACS! As more and more of us are confined to their living quarters for the foreseeable future, we want to see what you’ve done with some extra time on your hands!! Plus, for showing off your builds, we’ll send you an exclusive coupon for your next Brickmania order!

Here’s how it works…


Brickmania BrickStarter Sponsorship, New Releases & Preorders

Happy Monday Brickmaniacs! We’ve got quite the way to kick off your week! First of all, the first 50 people can save 15% by using code SHELTER at checkout! Secondly, check out our NEW initiative, the BrickStater Sponsorship, which gives you a chance to contribute to Brickmania’s MEGA builds. Just head for the website for more details. Finally, the A6M5 Zero and P-40B Warhawk kits are now available for stand alone purchase AND the new IS-2 Soviet Heavy Tank and Nieuport 17 (Hollywood Edition) preorders are live right now at

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