Brickmania 2021 MOC Contests: Rules and Details

BRICKMANIACS! We’re thrilled to announce our second MOC contest for 2021! Here’s what you need to know…

Brickmania MOC Contests will be held twice per year. All entires must be new creations and should be submitted to with the following information…


Siege of Yorktown New Releases! Great War Bricks Preorders!

Here at Brickmania we like to think everyone looks forward to Friday as much as we do! This week is no exception with the Lohner L Flying Boat, Albatros D.V, and Ottoman Gun Car preorders for Great War Bricks. Plus, Marquis de Lafayette and the Lafayette Gun for the 240th anniversary of the Siege of Yorktown! It’s all live now on!

Netted BrickArms® M1 Steel Pot Helmet Restock! New Digital Instructions!

SR-71 Blackbird®, Great War Bricks Restock Preorders, DAK Minifig Restock, and More!

The SR-71 Blackbird® and Great War Bricks restock preorders have landed! Plus, #MinifigMonday featuring the entire 2021 DAK MOTM lineup! Not to mention Perfect Caliber BrickArms, Captain John Paul Jones, and more! It’s all live now at Have a great week all!

Here’s a look at the complete rundown…


F-35A, Karl-Gerät, Fritz X, Navajo Code Talker, and More!

Another doozy of Friday has arrived! This week features the F-35A and Karl-Gerät preorders, plus the Fritz X with Luftwaffe Ground Crewman, USN Dress Whites, and Navajo Code Talker! It’s all live now on! As always, be sure to tune into our SitRep to hear from the team about this week’s projects!

RETURN OF THE MAUS! Plus, V1 Flying Bomb – Brickmania Digital Instructions

It’s the long awaited return of the Panzer VIII Maus! Now a digital instructions download for just ten bucks! Plus, the V1 Flying Bomb is also available right now at! Be sure to tune into today’s BTV episode for bit of nostalgia from 2017!

M1044 HUMVEE®, Kfz 4 with Twin AA Mount, Modern US Army Rifleman, and More!

From Black Hawk Down to the Iron Giant, the iconic M1044 HUMVEE® featured in many films and used for years by the US Military is back on! Plus, the Kfz 4 with Twin AA Mount, Modern US Army Rifleman, Modern Marine Rifleman, Modern Marine Raider II, and the Perfect Caliber™ SOPMOD BrickArms® M4-TAC have all been restocked and are ready to ship out!

Kugelblitz, Ho 229 Flying Wing, New MOTM, Nachtjäger Pack, and More!

MH-47G Chinook and RSOV Digital Downloads! New Brickmania Builder’s Notebook!

The MH-47G Chinook and RSOV digital downloads have arrived! Plus, the Brickmania Builder’s Notebook is now available to the general public! It’s all live right now on!

Brickmania October 2021 Calendar: Download Here!

October’s calendar has arrived! Wunderwaffe Bricks preorders are already in full swing and there’s plenty to look forward to, Including new releases and restocks at both the online store and in our retail locations!

Download the Brickmania 2021 October calendar below:

Plus, Great War Bricks is just around the corner! We have some very exciting builds and minifigs planned for November, including some that our fans have been begging for for a long time! Stay tuned!

Moving forward we’ll continue to drop monthly calendars here on the blog, as well as including physical copies in select orders and available for free in our retail locations. Be sure to check back for next month’s look ahead and always stay in the know on upcoming themes, builds, sales, and more!

Folgore, Panzer IV, DAK Messenger, Marine Raider and More!

Ok! We’re reloaded! Tons of epic goodies are now back at! Including the Folgore, DAK Messenger, US Navy SEAL, and more! Minifigs go fast so be sure to act quickly!

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