Brickmania 2022 MOC Contests: Rules and Details

Brickmania 2022 MOC Contests

BRICKMANIACS! We’re thrilled to announce our first MOC contest for 2022! Here’s what you need to know…


Minifig Accessory Overload

Major Accessory drop over at Go check out our massive sale in store and online, use CODE: BKM15 to take 15% off almost everything. For starters we have two new sci-fi kits on digital instructions, the sleek and fast Colonial Viper, and the equally menacing Centurion Raider ready for Battle among the Stars. Be sure to check out new items from BrickWarriors and BrickArms® as well as amazing new items manufactured by Brickmania® at the HQ. The Modern FAST Helmet now comes in dark grey, and we’re offering our brand new German Crusher Cap and German Crusher Cap with Headphones in black and dark grey as well. keep your eyes peeled for new info about World War Brick as it approaches and have a great week!

We’re About to Hit Mach: Restock!

Memorial day sale, “Bunny” tank, and Mirage III

We’re launching one of best sales of the year over here at and in stores, Take 15% off of almost everything with code BKM15, and enjoy extra savings on clearance items! While you’re there pick up one of our amazing new releases, the T-80BVM “Bunny” and the Israeli Mirage III are now available to preorder. Proceeds from sales of the T-80 “Bunny” go to benefit the people of Ukraine, Brickmaniacs have donated almost $100,000 so far, thank you and keep up the good work. We also have a big restock of Brickstuff Electronics and lighting kits, including the amazing new Brickstuff Brick-Built Mini TV with Sound and the Brickstuff Flickering Gothic Torch 2-pack with battery pack and adapter. We still have plenty of our new Brickmania® Modern FAST helmets available! Order them now though cause they’re going F.A.S.T!

Sneak Peek! T–80BVM “Bunny”

T–80BVM “Bunny” Captured Russian MBT

Ukrainian “Bunny” T-80BVM

Eight days into the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a rifleman commandeered this specialized Russian T-80 tank. This version has been fitted with mine rakes and a modernized autoloader increasing the rate of fire and variety of munitions available from its upgraded 125mm main gun. The tank also features a unique mascot, a stuffed bunny, which lends the tank its name. The T-80 was built only two years ago and was found abandoned in a field near the commander’s hometown of Kharkiv. Under the direction of its new owner, the now Ukrainian T-80 got right to work, reportedly destroying over two dozen Russian military vehicles, including several tanks.

This Friday you can have a chance at preordering one of these limited-edition kits featuring smooth rolling tracks and suspension, custom mine rakes and of course a bunny mascot minifig. Order now while supplies last. A portion of the proceeds from sales of the T-80 “Bunny” tank goes to benefit direct relief for the people of Ukraine! almost $100,000 raised by Brickmaniacs so far!  Thank you!

Brickmania® Modern FAST Helmet is here!

It’s finally here! The Brickmania Modern FAST Helmet is available at We made a ton of em but they’re gonna go F.A.S.T! While you’re there check out our new digital downloads of the Freedom 7 Capsule + Astronaut Recovery Helicopter and Elemental Taxi – 23rd Century Cab . The amazing high quality sticker packs for the Elemental Taxi and Freedom Capsule also just released! We’re starting to ship one of our coolest perfect caliber crates ever, the Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® NLAW Crate is heading out. If you have a preorder, expect it soon. If not, order one now while supplies last. A portion of the proceeds from sales of the NLAW crate go to benefit direct relief to Ukraine! almost $100,000 so far! thank you! we’re also restocking a bunch of Brickstuff® lighting kits and accessories. take your build to the next level with a cool light and sound kit from Brickstuff® and as always have a great week!

Minifig Monday!

Massive Minifig Monday over at, we have mountains of minifigs and accessories dropping including Modern Marine Raider II, WWII US Filthy Thirteen Paratrooper, Modern US Marine Raider (the original), and WWII US Army Ranger – 2nd Rangers at Pointe du Hoc. Stock up on these highly detailed figures and the accessories to support them. Including the brilliant Nachtjäger Pack, Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® M1 Carbine Para and Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® M1 Garand. we’re also restocking the Air Raid Shelter & Minefield Sign Tiles for your MOCs. CHP Motorcycle Duo and Mercury-Redstone 3 Rocket. Our restock pre-orders are amazing as well, Albatros D.V – German Fighter Aircraft and Panzer III Ausf F – WWII German Medium Tank. PHEW! that was a monday mouthful! have a great week!

Perseverance Rover, Plum Perfect Caliber, Popular Physicist, and More!

Space race month continues with some amazing releases over at Firstly the amazing M50 iSherman tank and Perseverance Rover with Ingenuity helicopter and the V2 or our Apollo Mission Commander showcasing our 3d printing technology. Speaking of minifigs we have an amazing new Albert Einstein figure featuring a new original hair piece and multiple facial expressions. in addition to that we have the new perfect caliber AK–GL with Plum Furniture. . Something for everyone this week!

Ukrainian Reaper Back in Action!

Ukrainian Reaper is back in stock at! There is a limit of two per customer, so there should be plenty to go around. While you’re there, get your Digital Download Instructions for the X–15 Rocket Plane and the Pioneer 10 Space Probe as well as sticker packs for the Pioneer and X–15 Rocket Plane. Need more? Were restocking the WWII Tiger Muzzle Brake! More you say? There’s still some beautiful models in the BKM Vault, this may be your last chance to get them for quite some time.


We’ve got Space Madness over here! We’re restocking some classic space kits and minifigs at, starting with the epic Gemini Astronaut minifig, the small but imposing Titan II GLV – Gemini Launch Vehicle, and the Mercury & Gemini Tile Packs. If you prefer something a little more terrestrial try our fresh restock of the Battle of Mogadishu Delta Force Operator or the restock preorder of the StuG III Ausf. B – German Assault Gun. Too dry? The US Navy SEAL Diver is making waves. If that doesn’t float your boat, try our restock of the 8th US Colored Heavy Artillery – Napoleon Gun with Limber, and if you require some modern artillery get our restock of the Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® AK-12, and as always have a great week!

Friday Sitrep, Minifig release, Tile pack and More!

It’s friday, Wooo! that means we’re dropping lots of new stuff over at Firstly we have the amazing F-104 Starfighter and Kennedy Space Center ARFF Striker 1950 Fire Truck on preorder. Follow that up with two amazing minifigs, the updated Apollo Astronaut V2 and the tough as nails 442nd Army Regimental Combat Team Soldier. As a bonus we also have the Apollo mission patch tile pack to round out your space race collection. There’s still some BKM Vault offerings available, if you missed them the first time around this might be your last chance. Have a great weekend!

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