Brickmania® Mini-Kit Design Auditions

Interested in designing an official Brickmania® Mini-Kit? Now’s your chance! Brickmania is looking for passionate builders to submit designs for a potential Mini-Kit! If your design is selected, you’ll move on and discover what it really takes to be a Brickmania designer! With all the perks and glory included!

You must be 18 or older to submit yourself, submissions ages 15-17 with guardian consent. Ages under 15 are not eligible.

Here’s how it works…


Brickmania 2021 MOC Contests: Rules and Details

BRICKMANIACS! We’re thrilled to announce our second MOC contest for 2021! Here’s what you need to know…

Brickmania MOC Contests will be held twice per year. All entires must be new creations and should be submitted to with the following information…


Folgore, Panzer IV, DAK Messenger, Marine Raider and More!

Ok! We’re reloaded! Tons of epic goodies are now back at! Including the Folgore, DAK Messenger, US Navy SEAL, and more! Minifigs go fast so be sure to act quickly!


Me 163 Komet, M4A1 Sherman, US Navy SDV Mk VIII, and More!

Friday’s drop is here! And absolutely ridiculous! Three new kit preorders, two new kit releases, two new Perfect Caliber BrickArms, and the new Battle of Mogadishu Delta Force Operator minifig. If that’s not an epic way to kickoff the weekend, we don’t know what is. Plus, a special appearance from George Hicks taking a closer look at the Rigid Inflatable Boat is live now on out YouTube channel. Don’t forget we’re at Tank Farm and BrickFair New Jersey this weekend! We’re looking forward to seeing everyone there!


New Digital Instructions! Plus, Custom Spec Ops Builds with Dan Siskind!

The MQ-9 Reaper and OV-10G+ Bronco have arrived on digital download at! Up next week is the MH-47G Chinook and RSOV. Plus, you can see a breakdown by Dan and Dilan of everything hitting the web for #SpecOpsBricks digital instructions right now on our YouTube channel. Be sure to check it out!

Su-27S Flanker-B, Neptune Navy SEALs, and More!

The Su-27S Flanker-B – All-Weather Air-Superiority Jet Fighter is back on restock preorder! Plus, the Neptune Spear US Navy SEAL and Humvee® 2-CT™! It’s all live now at! Tune into Monday’s SitRep for a breakdown of the Su-27S by kit designer Dan Siskind!

Holly’s Watch


It’s been a while since we had a post about our official mascot, Holly the office kitty. Although she might be the most recognizable Pet@BKM, and the only one in one of our official products so far, she isn’t the only one fed by the continued support of our fan community. Everyone who works at Brickmania has pride in what we do, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to both count bricks or build with them.


New Neubaufahrzeug, T-35, Six-Wheel ATV, and Russian VDV Scout!

Keep Counting Bricks


With another week of fantastic fan favorite Preorders and some outstanding New Releases, and another round of terrific Restocks, there is a lot to love about SpecOps Month already! From the brand new M777 and MTVR MK23, Arado Ar-234C, to the iconic SH-3A Sea King™ and the MH-60L DAP Black Hawk®, we have some envelope pushing building kits and exclusive custom minifigs.


New WMIK in Dark Gray and Tan! Plus, Track Links and .50 Cal. Ammo Box Restocks!

New digital instructions have arrived!! Plus, Track Links and the .50 Cal. Ammo Box are BACK on! Remember, each digital download features all of the required accessories as well as the corresponding sticker pack linked right to the product page! Time to get building Brickmaniacs!

Nighthawk®, Schwable, Panther, SEAL, and More!

F-117A, ME 262, and Panther restock preorders! Plus, Titan II, USAF Dress Uniforms, Neptune Spear US Navy SEAL and more are back and ready to ship! It’s all live now at!

Here’s a look at the entire rundown…


Pride and Purpose


Everyone knows that we have a lot of amazing people that work here, and each of us knows that it is the support of amazing people around the world that makes it all possible. We get to have the best job in the world because of you. Our fan community has time and again shown us unwavering support as we forge new paths and improve ourselves at every step of the process.


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