Rommel’s AEC Mammoth, Classic Tiger I, and Iron Brigade

New Release Roundup for August 15, 2023

Rommel's AEC Mammoth

During World War II, Great Britain’s Associated Equipment Company produced numerous vehicles for the military based on the Mammoth series of heavy trucks. The most numerous of these vehicles were the Matador artillery tractor and its derivative Armored Command Vehicle.  The later was nicknamed “The Dorchester “by British troops, after the luxury hotel of the same name, but is also ubiquitously known as “The Mammoth”. Three of these vehicles were captured by the Afrika Corps during the course of the war, two of which were used as General Erwin Rommel’s personal command vehicles, named Max and Moritz respectively. (more…)

Savoia-Marchetti SM. 79 “Sparviero” – Italian WWII Torpedo-Bomber

Savoia-Marchetti SM. 79 "Sparviero" – Italian WWII Torpedo-Bomber

Pre-order your Sparviero this weekend and save 15% with coupon code DDFRIDAY! Your pre-orders help make kits like this possible. Thank you! (offer valid thru Sunday 9/3)

About the Savoia-Marchetti SM. 79 ”Sparviero” – Italian WWII Torpedo-Bomber:

The Savoia-Marchetti SM. 79 ”Sparviero” (“Sparrow Hawk”) was a medium bomber widely used by the Italian Air Force in World War II. Originally designed as a fast passenger plane, the Regia Aeronautica (Royal Italian Air Force) ordered military versions to be use as transports and fast bombers. Its main distinguishing features were its three large radial engines and a prominent dorsal hump, containing both a forward-firing and rear-facing defensive machine guns. With a total production run of more than 1200 aircraft, it is one of the few Italian aircraft mass produced during the war, and easily the most recognizable.


August Vault Preview Video

Brickmania Vault Update Video Link - Image of Brickmania Vault with the words August  Vault

The Eurodudes give is a preview of tomorrow’s Vault drop.  We suggest you watch tonight to know what to expect tomorrow!

Important Information about Tomorrow’s BKM Vault Drop

Brickmania Vault - Important Update

What is the Vault? It is where you’ll find exclusive display models, out of production kits, kit exclusive minifigs, and much more! Remember, once an item has hit the BKM Vault it will no longer be produced in that form by Brickmania. This is the last stop!
New Items will be added to the Vault starting 8am Central Time on the LAST Thursday of every month. The Vault is located here:

A few things to keep in mind concerning the BKM Vault…

The Vault is no longer an auction based system and all items are now available for immediate purchase. Most items are listed at original MSRP and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We reserve the right to limit quantities to one per customer, per order.


New Batch of Ukrainian Reaper plus Other Benefit Products in Preorder Stages

Ukrainian Reaper

Ukrainian Reaper: One of our first and most rare Ukraine benefit figures – back for a limited production run. Ships Approx. October 18th (more…)

Brickmania Calendar – September 2023

In memory of Andriy Pilshchykov aka “Juice”

Andriy Pilshchykov aka JuiceThis has been a sad week for us when we learned of the passing of Andriy Pilshchykov (aka “Juice”) in a training accident. Juice was not only a fighting, flying soldier for Ukraine, but an international ambassador for support of the Ukraine Defenders. We were fortunate to get to “know” Juice when he helped us with the details of the “Ghost of Kyiv” minifigure and the continued support of our Ukrainian benefit projects thereafter. The passing of Juice reinforces the adage that the brightest stars burn half as long. So long and rest in power!


New Releases Roundup: August 25, 2023

Brick Built EinsteinGet your Brick-Built Einstein before he becomes nothing more than a theoretical physicist. Availability is relative to space and time!

Condor APC3o years after the Battle of Mogadishu (aka Operation Gothic Serpent aka Black Hawk Down), we are pleased to announce the release of the Malaysian Army Condor APC in United Nations livery. Additional Malaysian UN Peacekeepers are also available as an optional upgrade.


Modern Kit Re-Issue Poll

Fan Poll Modern - Action Shots

Many people have lamented the fact they missed out on one or more of our recent Limited Edition Series kits. Well, here’s your opportunity to get a possible second chance!  We’re starting off with the re-issue of one of our recent modern military kits and you will help us decide which one it will be.  Voting starts today and ends at noon (CDT) August, 26th. The winning kit will be revealed at the time of poll closing. Note that if a kit wins that had optional add-ons or upgrades, those same upgrades will be available with the reissue. Presales for the winning kit will begin September 11, 2023.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Which Limited Edition Series kit did you miss out on and would like to see brought back? Results will be displayed after the poll closes at noon on Saturday, August 26th.
122252 answers

Brickmania's Modern Limited Edition Series Kit Re-Issue Poll

New Ukrainian Motherland Monument Minifigure & Benefit Restocks

Ukrainian Motherland Monument

The latest product of Brickmania’s Ukraine Benefit is the Ukrainian Motherland Monument minifigure!  We start with genuine LEGO parts, add custom parts from Crazy Bricks, and Brickmania’s own 3D Printing design wizardry, then give it a coating of some of the highest quality printing in the business.  The result is a unique piece of art benefitting a noble and necessary cause. PREORDER NOW

This custom minifigure helps support Brickmania’s Ukrainian Benefit effort with proceeds going to United24. As of July 31, 2023 the total donated is: $319,595.07 USD – thank you for all the support!


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