Restock: WWI British Rifleman

WWI British Rifleman

The British Rifleman formed the core unit of the fight against Germany on the Western Front. They endured the ghastly nature of trench warfare, demonstrating unique resilience among common soldiers. This minifigure features the iconic World War I British Rifleman in full military gear with artwork based on the 1902 Pattern Service Dress tunic and trousers, B5 Boots, Wool Putties, and 1908 Pattern Equipment Set (Ammo Pouches, Webbing and Belt, Small Pack).

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Restock: NAS Miramar Action Pack – For F-14 Tomcat

NAS Miramar Action Pack - For F-14 Tomcat

About the NAS Miramar Action Pack:

Enter the danger zone with this expertly detailed and faithfully produced NAS Miramar Action Pack for the F-14 Tomcat from Brickmania! This elite add-on pack is inspired by the highly-skilled Navy pilots from the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School in San Diego, CA.

Premiering for the first time is the new 3D-printed Navy pilot helmet! Fully designed, detailed, and 3D-printed in house right here at Brickmania headquarters in Minneapolis, this helmet is a custom element designed to work with a standard LEGO® minifigure head. The helmet is inspired by the helmets worn by the Navy pilots in the 1980s. Featured in the pack are four Navy pilot custom-printed minifigures in various outfits including flight suits, bomber jackets, and leisure activities. The add-on pack also includes a high-quality sticker sheet with F-14 Tomcat markings from the U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School.

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This add-on pack is designed to accompany the Brickmania F-14 Tomcat – Supersonic Air Superiority Interceptor kit.

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Restock: F4U Corsair – WWII Carrier-Based Fighter-Bomber

F4U Corsair - WWII Carrier-Based Fighter-Bomber

About the F4U Corsair – WWII Carrier-Based Fighter-Bomber:

A legend of World War II, the F4U Corsair saw significant combat in the Pacific Theater after 1943. This carrier-based fighter-bomber boasted an impressive kill ratio of 11:1 against Japanese fighters such as the Zero. Its bomber capabilities helped support major operations at the Marshall Islands, Okinawa, and Iwo Jima by performing dive-bomb strikes against fortified Japanese positions. The story is that the Japanese referred to the warplane as “Whistling Death” for the noise it made as it dove for an attack run.

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New Release: WWI German Flame Trooper

WWI German Flame Trooper

About the WWI German Flame Trooper

Carried by specially trained stormtroopers, British troops first faced this terrifying weapon in battle near Malancourt in 1915. This weapon was brutal in nature — three or four Flammenwerfer stormtroopers would surround a pillbox or assault a trench from 30–40 feet away. This weapon also had a psychological effect as many troops would simply surrender when they saw one on the battlefield.

Artwork for the WWI German Flame Trooper is designed by Lando and printed by the talented Brickmania UV Print Team!

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2019 Brickmania Fan Pick #4- Minifigs

2019 Brickmania Fan Pick #4 - Minifigs

Which one of these minings do you want to see us make?! It’s up to you! We will make the minifig that gets the most votes!

Select the one you want to see and click Vote at the bottom of the list to let us know. Then make sure you’re signed up for the Brickmania Newsletter to find out which minifig we bring back!

Poll closes March 26, 2019.

Restock: Rats and Foxes – Building Instructions for WWII in the Desert using LEGO® Bricks

Rats and Foxes: Building Instructions for WWII in the Desert using LEGO® Bricks

The North African campaign of WWII took place in North Africa from June 10, 1940 to May 13 1943. It included campaigns fought in the Libyan and Egyptian deserts, and in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. The campaign was fought between the Allies and Axis powers, many of whom had colonial interests in Africa dating back from the late 19th century. Fighting began with the Italian declaration of war on June 10, 1940. On June 14, the British Army’s 11th Hussars crossed the border from Egypt into Libya and captured the Italian Fort Capuzzo. Information gleaned via British Ultra code-breaking intelligence proved critical to Allied success in North Africa. Victory for the Allies in this campaign immediately led to the Italian campaign, which ultimately culminated in the downfall of the fascist government in Italy and the elimination of a German ally.

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Restock: AIM-54 Phoenix Missile – Pack for F-14

AIM-54 Phoenix Missile - Pack for F-14

Arm your F-14 Tomcat for the Cold War with these long-range AIM-54 Phoenix missiles! On the Tomcat, six of these missiles could be locked and fired simultaneously against enemy aircraft. This add-on pack features two Phoenix missiles and the appropriate fairings to mount them on the F-14 Tomcat (BKM1033) model.

This add-on pack is designed to accompany the Brickmania F-14 Tomcat – Supersonic Air Superiority Interceptor kit.

AIM-54 Phoenix Missile – Pack for F-14

Restock: WWII Jeep With US Airborne Soldier

WWII Jeep With US Airborne Soldier

The ubiquitous Army Jeep saw widespread production and deployment across all fronts in World War II. Before American entry into the war, thousands of Jeeps were sent to Britain and the Soviet Union under the Lend-Lease Act. After American entry into the war, the Jeep became the most-produced vehicle in the Second World War.

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Restock: F-14 Tomcat – Supersonic Air Superiority Interceptor

F-14 Tomcat - Supersonic Air Superiority Interceptor

After it was featured in the popular film Top Gun, the F-14 Tomcat grew to international fame as one of the most recognizable fighter jets in American history. The F-14 Tomcat was designed during the Cold War to help defend carrier-based operations against Soviet-built MiG fighter jets and was capable of flying more than twice the speed of sound. The F-14’s advanced weapons system could track 24 hostiles and attack six targets simultaneously using the AIM-54 Phoenix missile.

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Restock: The Great War – Instructions for WWI models using LEGO® Bricks

The Great War: Instructions for WWI models using LEGO® Bricks

Great War Instruction Book

Instructions included in this volume are:

  • QF 13 Pounder
  • Spandau MG 08
  • 75mm Mle 1897 “French 75”
  • 7.7cm Feldkanone 96 neuer Art
  • Ordnance QF 18 Pounder Field Gun
  • Fokker Dr.1 – Red Baron Edition
  • Renault FT – French Light Tank
  • Rolls-Royce Armored Car (Tan)
  • Sopwith Camel
  • Mark V British Heavy Tank
  • Big Bertha
  • A7V German Heavy Tank

Additional instructions for:

  • 2x Modular Trench sections
  • 3x shell craters
  • Vickers HMG

Bonus Extras:

  • Printed on heavy-weight glossy paper with a special lay-flat spiral binding
  • Also included is a vinyl sticker sheet with vehicle markings, insignia, and uniforms for 35 figures
  • Each model includes a parts list to help locate all of the parts needed to build your model
  • Beautiful full-color photographs throughout the book, filled with ideas for displaying your models.

Signature Weapons Packs designed to be paired with the book:

Fokker Dr 1 Signature Weapon Pack

Sopwith Camel Signature Weapon Pack

Mark V Signature Weapon Pack

A7V Signature Weapon Pack


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