Brickmania Display Kit Donation and Fundraising Program with The Wounded Warrior Project

Brickmaniacs! We’re partnering with The Wounded Warrior Project to help make a difference in our military veteran’s communities as well as getting an incredible build into the hands of our service members.

Our goal is to raise $6,190 for veterans and their families via The Wounded Warrior Project. Upon reaching this goal, we’ll be sending a LCAC – Landing Craft Air Cushion kit to the United States Navy.

Donate HERE.


Brickmania MOC Contests: Rules and Details

BRICKMANIACS! We’re thrilled to announce the return of our MOC contests for 2020! Here’s what you need to know…

The new Brickmania MOC Contests will be held twice per year. All entires must be new creations and should be submitted to with the following information…


Happy Birthday USAF – Brickmania New Releases and New Preorders

Brickmaniacs! We’re down to our two remaining preorders for Brickmania’s 2020 Red October. This week it’s the T-80BVM – Main Battle Tank, along with our USAF Dress Uniform minifigs, Perfect Caliber AKMs, and a few other goodies all online right now. Plus, the first 100 orders can use code: FIGHTFLYWIN and save themselves 10% on their entire order. A high-flying way to kick off the weekend!

Here’s a look at the entire rundown…


A Good Cause


Our super fans already know that Brickmania has been a supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project in the past through silent auctions and charity events at past World War Bricks. Well now we have partnered with them to support wounded veterans again and we are asking our fans for their support to reach our goal by Veterans Day 2020 (November 11). Please consider sending a donation today and help our heroic warriors.


Great War Month Fan Poll

Here its is Brickmaniacs! The top suggestions for our Great War Month social media blast. Now it’s time to narrow the list!

For the next 24 hours you can vote on which of these epic creations you’d like to see featured in Brickmania’s Great War Month 2020.

Select the one you want to see and click Vote at the bottom of the list to let us know. Be sure to pay attention to social media and tune into our SitReps to see which option takes the top spot!

While we won’t guarantee that we’ll produce more than just the winning kit, don’t be discouraged if your vote was a close runner up! We’ll make what we can!

Good luck!!

Digital Game Night Premier!


As many of you already know, we have been setting up our first Digital Game Night over at the Official Micro Brick Battle Forums. We are super excited to teach the system and play on Roll20 with our fans. Don’t worry if you haven’t played using Roll20 or if you aren’t fully comfortable with the Micro Brick Battle rules, that’s what we are here for! If you are a veteran of our old Open Game Nights in our Retail Stores, this is a great way to play while still socially distancing!

When you feel comfortable with Roll20, you can get all of the necessary assets here for free. We also have released the full rules available here for you to reference in your own games. Once you’ve mastered the basics, feel free to start setting up advanced scenarios, then create and share your own on the forums! Our goal is to give everyone the chance to set up their own game nights with your friends and family!

If you haven’t already, sign up to the forum and head over to the Digital Games Signup to join us this Thursday 9/17/20 for some Micro Brick Battle fun! Even if we can’t have in-store events like Open Game Night, we still want our fans to have the opportunity to explore the battlefield and build a winning army! If you have questions, or suggestions feel free to let us know on the forum!

The Return Of The Sherman – Monday Restocks and Restock Preorders

Brickmaniacs! Mondays mean epic returns to – including the M4A3 Sherman, Yak-3 World War II Fighter, F-16 Fighting Falcon® and more! Plus, you can use code: CLEARSKY to secure 10% off your order all day! No better way to kick off the week!

Here’s a look at the rest of the rundown…


Brick Mini with Micro Brick Battle


Yesterday we launched the brilliantly made Brick Mini products to go alongside our Micro Brick Battle sets. Next week we plan to release the first infantry-based rules for the Micro Brick Battle Game System and we couldn’t be more excited to get these game pieces onto the battlefield! Below you see that not only do they come in free standing versions, but also a tank commander that can fit atop of your favorite tank!


Brick Mini Launch and New Friday Preorder

Brickmaniacs! Gear up for yet another epic Friday as Red October rolls on! This week we have the Ka-52 Alligator – All Weather Attack Helicopter available on preorder, plus a new line of #MicroBrickBattle compatible products from Brick Mini! Even better, the first 100 orders can use code: MINI to secure 10% off their entire order. Have a great weekend!

Here’s a look at the complete rundown…


Makin Island Waterline


There has been a lot of really exciting things to report on here at Brickmania’s world headquarters, so it’s been a while since we gave fans an update on the Makin Island. Below you can see the hull at the waterline already upright, with the color-coded schematic laying below and the official BrickStarter Plank Owner card laying on the work table to the right. You can already tell how enormous this build is!


Shipping Safe


As pre-orders, restocks and new releases get packed into their shipping boxes, our customer service team makes sure that your building kits get to you safely! You can see here our two packing peanut dispensers that are used to protect all of your purchases during the worldwide travels they take. We make a special effort that every product that bears our seal is the premium building experience that you have come to know and love.


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