Brickmania Display Kit Donation and Fundraising Program with The Wounded Warrior Project

Brickmaniacs! We’re partnering with The Wounded Warrior Project to help make a difference in our military veteran’s communities as well as getting an incredible build into the hands of our service members.

Our goal is to raise $6,190 for veterans and their families via The Wounded Warrior Project. Upon reaching this goal, we’ll be sending a LCAC – Landing Craft Air Cushion kit to the United States Navy.

Donate HERE.


Brickmania MOC Contests: Rules and Details

BRICKMANIACS! We’re thrilled to announce the return of our MOC contests for 2020! Here’s what you need to know…

The new Brickmania MOC Contests will be held twice per year. All entires must be new creations and should be submitted to with the following information…


Support Wounded Warriors Today


Our on-going campaign to thank our veterans through our Wounded Warrior Project fundraiser, we wanted to share another picture of one of our heroic sailor hats from the USS Nicholas which is on display in our GHQ Store in Minneapolis, MN. We also have a fan who is contributing some very rare Micro Brick Battle sets on eBay to support this fundraiser, click here to check out the list of items on offer that will go to help our heroes in uniform. We hope that you take a moment to donate to the cause.

We are so proud to be helping our veterans and their families, and we are hoping to celebrate Veterans Day 2020 by getting the support to the Wounded Warrior Project and preparing to send one of our LCAC building kits to the Navy in honor of those brave military service members who stand up for democracy and freedom around the world. Please make sure to let your family and friends know and send in a generous bid on one of those Micro Brick Battle battle sets! Thank you all for your support on this cause!

VAB and HUMVEE® Restocks! See What’s back!

Brickmaniacs! Monday is here! And with it VAB and HUMVEE® restock preorders! Plus, it’s the final batches of October’s Minifig of the Month! Get your hands on this week’s restocks lineup at!

Here’s a look at everything back online…


Rare Kits For Veterans


We are excited to announce that our campaign to raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project in honor of Veterans Day 2020 has some reinforcements! An amazing fan from our terrific community reached out to contribute his extensive collection of Micro Brick Battle sets, going back all the way to 2017! He has placed his these rare kits on eBay and the proceeds for their sale will go toward Brickmania’s Wounded Warrior Project campaign! Please follow the links below and bid generously, not only will you be getting some very in-demand and rare kits, but your contribution will be going to our beloved veterans and their families!

US Battle Pack #1
US Battle Pack #2
US Battle Pack #3
US Battle Pack #4

British Battle Pack #1
British Battle Pack #2
British Battle Pack #3

Russian Battle Pack #1
Russian Battle Pack #2
Russian Battle Pack #3
Russian Battle Pack #4

Japanese Battle Pack #1
Japanese Battle Pack #2

Italian Battle Pack #1
Italian Battle Pack #2

These are the battle packs that have already sold:

German Battle Pack #1
German Battle Pack #2
German Battle Pack #3
German Desert Battle Pack

Above is Daria, the newest edition to the Pets@BKM family. She is proudly showing her support for our troops, and we hope that you are able to either donate directly or through a generous bid on one of the battle packs listed above. Please be sure to share this point far and wide, and we hope that the bids have no ceiling and we can raise as much for our veterans and their families as is humanly possible. Thank you to every one of our fans who has or who will contribute to this campaign.

HMS Warspite Preorder – Friday New Releases

Friday has arrived! And with it the HMS Warspite Super Dreadnought Battleship preorder! This incredibly detailed 1/350 scale model will feature 85 custom printed elements and is slated for a limited run of just 50 copies. Get yours now at along with the new WWII Soviet Officer and stride into the weekend with future awesomeness ahead!


Thanks To Our Vets


As part of our ongoing series promoting the Wounded Warrior Project fundraiser, we wanted to show off another one of the hats that is on display at our GHQ location that was donated by a Navy veteran who served aboard the USS Missouri (which many of you know is our largest display build to date). We are so thankful to be supporting our military veterans and their families through this fundraiser, and we hope that you take a moment to send them a donation today.

Brickmania is committed to honoring our veterans, both contemporary and historical, through this and our other charity programs. The only way that we are able to continue to have this amazing opportunity is because of the support and the generosity of our community. We thank each and everyone of you for your donations, your continued support and for getting the word out about this Wounded Warrior Project fundraiser. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our courageous service members and their families.

Brickmania 21st Anniversary Sale – Code: BKM21 to Save 21%!

It’s Brickmania’s 21st Anniversary! To honor this historic day, we’re offering 21% off online with code: BKM21 at checkout. Today only! Take advantage of these epic savings at! Happy building!


Thanking Our Veterans


As part of our ongoing campaign to raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project ahead of this year’s Veterans Day, we wanted to show off another employee’s favorite Brickmania builds, collected here to salute our courageous service members. We are all super excited to continue to raise money for our amazing veterans, you can get more info here. We hope that even if you can’t send support, you will get the word out to benefit those who need it most.

Please consider donating today to celebrate Veterans Day with us and give our heroes the support they deserve for their sacrifice and service. We are also planning to donate one of our largest kits, the vaunted LCAC, to the United States Navy in honor of our veterans, both contemporary and historical. For those who have already donated, please know that we appreciate you and are empowered by your generosity.

SR-71 Blackbird® Preorder – Restocks and Restock Preorders

Returning for a limited 2020 run the SR-71 Blackbird® – Strategic Reconnaissance Aircraft! Just a half batch of these incredible kits will be available for preorder this holiday season – so don’t wait! Also back is the SdKfz 250/3 “Greif”, British Redcoat, WWII US BAR Gunner and more!

Here’s a look at the full rundown…


Thanking Our Vets


As the official Customer Service mascot, Holly is on station to show our veterans her support! Holly wants you to know that she needs your help on the Wounded Warrior Project fundraiser. You can learn more about the fundraiser here, and Holly wants you all to tell as many people as you can! She would also like to say that she hasn’t eaten yet today (she has, but she’s never admitted to being full). You can make her happy, and help our heroes with a donation today!

Our goal is to raise over $6,000 for veterans and their families before Veterans Day 2020, and we need the community to do it! This community has raised a lot of money for veterans charities in the past, both through fundraisers like this one and and through charity auctions at World War Bricks of old. We are always humbled and thankful for our fans for their support, and we are grateful that we have the opportunity to help our beloved veterans.

S.E.5a Preorder – Friday New Releases

Brickmaniacs! Time for yet another epic Friday lineup. This week we have the S.E.5a preorder, new WWII Soviet Infantry in three versions, Studly Trains couplers, and the debut of select V2 Track Links for stand alone purchase! Get ’em all now at while supplies last!

Here’s a look at the full rundown…

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