Brickmania Castle & Pirate Kit Archive


Brickmania began making Castle-themed custom kits in the late 1990’s while LEGO® had put it’s own Castle line on hiatus. Brickmania’s  kits differed from LEGO’s previous kits by concentrating on day-to-day life rather than sieges and battle. LEGO would eventually license and re-release the Blacksmith Shop in 2002 as an official set, and would continue to release several of their own kits based on ideas set forward by Brickmania early Castle kits.

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PagodaBricksmith Shop – Brickmania 20th Anniversary Special Release
Released: July 19, 2019
Pieces: 154
Minifigs: 0
Status:  Retired
Total Run: 100

PagodaPagoda: Medieval Japanese Temple
Released: Ausgust 23, 2011
Pieces: 1552
Minifigs: 1
Status:  Retired
Total Run: 20

Highland KeepHighland Keep
Released: February 7, 2011
Pieces: 6382
Minifigs: 11
Status:  Retired
Total Run: 10

TowerTextTower of Vlad Dracula
Released: February 5, 2003
Pieces: 3697
Minifigs: 22
Status:  Retired
Total Run: 10

BKM005 1/2
Released: November 22, 2002
Pieces: 66
Minifigs: 0
Status:  Retired
Total Run: 35

Guarded ChurchGuarded Church + Expansion Modules
Released: December 17, 2001
Pieces: 3620+
Minifigs: 7+
Status:  Retired
Total Run: 20+

Country MillCountry Mill
Released: March 12, 2011
Pieces: 589
Minifigs: 2
Status:  Retired
Total Run: 15 Kits

Brickmaia Pirate TavernSalty Anchor Tavern
Released: June 12, 2000
Pieces: 1339
Minifigs: 12
Status:  Retired
Total Run: 6 Kits

CrossRoadsTavernCoverCrossroads Tavern
Released: June 12, 2000
Pieces: 1102
Minifigs: 6
Status:  Retired
Total Run: 25 Kits

blacksmith.photo1ABlacksmith Shop
Released: March 30, 2000
Pieces: 671
Minifigs: 2
Status:  Retired
Total Run: 23 Kits

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