Official Brickmania Resellers


Brickmania custom LEGO® kits and Brickmania Track Links™ are available from the official Brickmania web store (located in Minneapolis, MN, USA) in addition to select resellers around the world. Here is a small sampling of Brickmania resellers that may be able to provide faster delivery to your area. Resellers are also a good place to find Brickmania kits that may already be sold out the official web store. Any Brickmania products purchased through one of our resellers are still covered by the same quality guarantee that applies to products purchased directly from us.


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BRiCKiZiMo Toys is located in the  Netherlands  and sells to all of Europe


MOMCOM sells Brickmania kits in Japan


Neva Brick sells Brickmania kits in Russia



Ministry of Arms sells Brickmania in Singapore.

81 thoughts on “Official Brickmania Resellers

  1. Any plans to restock the C-47? I have all these paratrooper figures and nowhere to put them.

  2. Could you bring back the SdKfz 251 ausf D + Pak 40 with Ambush Camo, please? Or the Hetzer?
    Great job with all the kits and minifigs I look forward to see new ones come out!

    • Once our kits are out of stock, they’re usually gone for good. Sometimes we’re able to bring back older kids or redesign them to re-release.

      • waarom gebeur dat dan ook niet je maak er een paar en dat is het
        vind dat die dingen echt veel beter geregeld moeten worden
        wand het productie bij jullie klop van geen kanten en op dat gebied
        ik zou het veel anders aan pakken dat er ook meer mensen van de
        modelen kunnen geniet en niet allen de rijken vind na van nand
        dat de produkte veel te duur zijn

  3. Hello Im really disappointed that there are no more resellers of these products in Australia is there any plans to bring it back.

    • There are no current plans to restock the Leopard 2A7. However, we will be doing several restocks based on fan polls to bee held periodically in 2019. Your vote will help make a restock possible if it is the winner!

  4. hi I am a big fan of Brickmania, could you guys come up with a ww2 German henzer tank destroyer thanks
    Ben Blaser
    Ps please write back!!!

  5. Is it possible to post to HK? If its possible, are there any futher step to do when i make the deal in your website?

  6. can you guys lower the prices of some of the items I know it is very hard to do but if you do you might make more money like 200$ or less is good for me and for all the others out there

  7. Will You Add The Is-2 Back And Just A Stupid question will you lower some rices because i wanna bye one of the tanks but i can’t :/

  8. Dear Brickmania,
    I am new to your site and I was wondering generally how long it would take for an item to be delivered to Ohio.
    I look forward to reading your response best regards, Elias.

    • It depends, but from Minneapolis to Ohio it usually is between 1-3 days. A lot of factors play a part, including delivery method, weather, etc.

  9. I love your sets !!! What a pity I can’t get one,I’m too poor… I made myself a P40,with your’s as a model. I hope I’ll have enough money to get myself the Yak-9 or Fockewulf

    • Hi Matt! We are glad you like our kits! Hopefully at some point you’ll be able to get one – they are quite a bit of fun to build and play with!

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