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Mercury-Redstone side by side

Building On the Past: Mercury-Redstone and the Legacy of Alan Shepard

Close-up view of a new Brickmania custom LEGO kit

What have we got here?

Brickmania QC getting the job done

New Kits On the Way

Last chance on these kits


WWI Australian Light Horse Infantry

Restock: WWI Australian Light Horse Infantry

WWII German Boot Pack - Stickers

New Release: WWII German Boot Pack – Stickers

U.S.S. Missouri at the Americans in Wartime Museum

From Our Last Outing This Past Saturday

Leopard 2A7 - Main Battle Tank

New Release: Leopard 2A7 – Main Battle Tank

Growing the Brickmania Library

Growing Our Library

Blank Torsos at the Brickmania Warehouse

What do you think?