A New Look At GHQ


Those of you who have been following this blog already know how things have changed in our warehouse and our processes to accommodate proper social distancing and protect our community from COVID-19. Today we wanted to peel back the curtain and give you a look at how GHQ has changed now that they are open for business* once again. As you can see from the pictures below, we have halved the public area of GHQ in order to make more work stations for our team to keep proper social distance.


Brickmania Restock Preorders 5/15/20

Brickmaniacs! We’re kicking off the week right wIth some epic restock preorders. Plus, today only, you can save 10% on everything with code: TIGER at checkout!

Here’s the full rundown…


Get Building!


Our fans know that a lot of innovation and learning goes into each historical building kit we produce. Each new kit was brought to life with the love and attention of many people. One example is the research and cerebral effort that goes into a new custom printed piece. Another is the hard work that goes into creating and printing our full color instructions.

The images you see above and below are from Dan’s Makin Island workstation. As our Customer Service team has returned and our Production team has spread out, we are adapting from start to finish. We have been innovating our workflow and learning new skills to protect our community, all while bringing our fans new experiences every week.

While the next epic build is slowly coming together, our team continues to grow and expand our horizons. Your support is what allows the USS Makin Island to have planks, and it is truly the wind in our brick-built sails. As always, we wish you and your family good health and safety, no matter where you are on the planet. Thank you, and get building!


Additional information is classified. For now.

Brickmania New Preorder, Restocks, and Makin Island Update

Brickmaniacs! First off, happy Friday! We have some good news as Minnesotans! On May 18, 2020 our stay-at-home restrictions will adjust to a more relaxed state. Therefore our GHQ Store will be open to the public with a max capacity of 10 persons. We respectfully request that all persons in the GHQ Store wear masks for their safety and the safety of others. For information on our GHQ Stores hours and more, click HERE.

Now lets take a look at what’s here for the weekend…


Tomorrow, Today


Work continues in Designer’s Row, creating unique and brilliant new historical building kits for our fans around the world. Here is a look at just some of the boxes filled with brick and pieces that will be utilized in future creations. This is the material that tomorrow’s prototypes are born from. A designer can only break the mold and develop new innovations if they have the pieces to try it out with.


Mad Minute Sale, World War Brick 2021 News and More!

Brickmaniacs! It’s Mad Minute time! Use code: WWB21 today only and save 20% at checkout! Now with that out of the way, we have some important mid-week updates as well as more news on World War Brick 2021.

Here’s what you need to know…


Warehouse Islands


As the world around us continues to adapt to encourage social distancing and slow the spread of COVID-19, here’s another look at how it has changed our warehouse. In the area that was first opened up moons ago in anticipation of the 2020 World War Brick Fan Convention, we have reoccupied the area (and postponed the event until 2021) and spread our production team out to maintain social distance throughout the facility.

We have changed a lot about how we work and how we process a kit, but what hasn’t changed at all is the pride and the quality of our efforts. Even though our staff is definitely the social type, we have all adjusted to not hanging out like we used to, no matter how much we miss each other’s company. Some of the most anticipated kits we have ever made have been produced among these sanitized islands of the new normal.

We are all so thankful to our fans for supporting us during this time. We love working for Brickmania, and we take pride in continuing to provide the world’s best historical building kits to each of you. The first responders and healthcare workers who protect us are on our minds daily, as are the veterans and their families around the world. Even as we continue to maintain social distance, we are reaching out to our heroes through The Coloring Book charity donations. Don’t forget that we can support those heroes because of winners like you.

Brickmania Restock Preorders 5/11/20

Brickmaniacs! Happy Monday! We’re kicking off yet another epic week with a fresh batch of restock preorders! Plus, today only, you can save 10% on EVERYTHING with code: BARON at checkout! Just a reminder before we dive in that our retail locations are open! So if you’re on the hunt for rare items, be sure to keep updated on your local Brickmania store’s social media.

Alright, here’s a look at what’s back this week…


Unique Part Designs


Below is another behind the scenes look at one of the departments that make Brickmania unique and innovative. When parts do not exist that we need in order to make the historically accurate builds we strive for, we produce them ourselves. Our fantastic designers are working everyday to produce things that no one else in the world can.

What you see above is a piece that we produced for the Lunar Rover and going from concept to finished piece is a process that requires a vast amount of knowledge and a keen eye for detail. You’ll find these parts no where else in the world, and the distinctive appearance they bring to kits cannot be underestimated. These are not parts that were modified or altered, these are ones born inside our warehouse and available no where else in the world.

Above is just one corner of our operation, and these machines are responsible for a vast number of unique elements and accessories that we have produced for minifigures, building kits and specialty pieces that people ask us about every day. Remember that when you purchase one of our building kits, you are helping support the amazing work being done in this room by some of the best designers in the world.

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