F-4C Phantom II and MiG-21PF “Fishbed-D” Digital Instructions! New Stuff From BrickArms!

Saturday Afternoon Matinee Playset Returns! Restocks for Vietnam Bricks!

Happy 2022 Brickmaniacs! The Saturday Afternoon Matinee Playset Pt 1 is back on restock preorder! Plus, the MUTT M151, ARVN Ranger, Vietnam USMC Sniper, Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® AKM, and Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® M1903 USMC Sniper have all been restocked for Vietnam Bricks! It’s all live now on brickmania.com!

A-1H Skyraider and Modern Marine Rifleman V2!

Brickmania January 2022 Calendar: Download Here!

January’s calendar has arrived! Tonkin Bricks preorders are already in full swing and there’s plenty to look forward to, Including new releases and restocks at both the online store and in our retail locations!

Download the Brickmania 2022 January calendar below:

Plus, Black Heritage month is just around the corner! We have some very exciting builds and minifigs planned for Feburary, including some that our fans have been begging for for a long time! Stay tuned!

Moving forward we’ll continue to drop monthly calendars here on the blog, as well as including physical copies in select orders and available for free in our retail locations. Be sure to check back for next month’s look ahead and always stay in the know on upcoming themes, builds, sales, and more!

Workshop Collection and Family Truckster Arrive on Digital Download!

Something a bit different for this week’s digital downloads! The Workshop Collection and Family Truckster available now on brickmania.com! The Workshop Collection features 11 unique builds – perfect for creating new or upgrading existing MOCs!

Swift Boat, M24 Chaffee, and More Return for #VietnamBricks!

A-37(B) Dragonfly® and Centurion Mk 5/1! New Modern US Army Rifleman Minifig!

PT-109 and the A6M5 Zero Arrive on Digital Download! Plus, Loads of New BrickArms®!

The wait is over Brickmaniacs! PT-109 digital instructions are now available on brickmania.com! Plus, the A6M5 Zero is also available, and the new BrickArms® M4 Army ACOG w/ PEQ, M4 Pheonix, Owen Gun, and Owen Gun Reloaded have all dropped as well! Happy Holidays Brickmaniacs!

M41A3 Walker Bulldog and OH-58(A) Kiowa™ Return for Vietnam Bricks!

Vietnam Preorders, Clara Barton Minifig, and New BrickArms Online Now!

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