New Releases Roundup: August 25, 2023

Brick Built EinsteinGet your Brick-Built Einstein before he becomes nothing more than a theoretical physicist. Availability is relative to space and time!

Condor APC3o years after the Battle of Mogadishu (aka Operation Gothic Serpent aka Black Hawk Down), we are pleased to announce the release of the Malaysian Army Condor APC in United Nations livery. Additional Malaysian UN Peacekeepers are also available as an optional upgrade.


Modern Kit Re-Issue Poll

Fan Poll Modern - Action Shots

Many people have lamented the fact they missed out on one or more of our recent Limited Edition Series kits. Well, here’s your opportunity to get a possible second chance!  We’re starting off with the re-issue of one of our recent modern military kits and you will help us decide which one it will be.  Voting starts today and ends at noon (CDT) August, 26th. The winning kit will be revealed at the time of poll closing. Note that if a kit wins that had optional add-ons or upgrades, those same upgrades will be available with the reissue. Presales for the winning kit will begin September 11, 2023.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Which Limited Edition Series kit did you miss out on and would like to see brought back? Results will be displayed after the poll closes at noon on Saturday, August 26th.
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Brickmania's Modern Limited Edition Series Kit Re-Issue Poll

New Ukrainian Motherland Monument Minifigure & Benefit Restocks

Ukrainian Motherland Monument

The latest product of Brickmania’s Ukraine Benefit is the Ukrainian Motherland Monument minifigure!  We start with genuine LEGO parts, add custom parts from Crazy Bricks, and Brickmania’s own 3D Printing design wizardry, then give it a coating of some of the highest quality printing in the business.  The result is a unique piece of art benefitting a noble and necessary cause. PREORDER NOW

This custom minifigure helps support Brickmania’s Ukrainian Benefit effort with proceeds going to United24. As of July 31, 2023 the total donated is: $319,595.07 USD – thank you for all the support!


New Releases for August 11, 2023


Sikorsky® MH-60L Black Hawk® – Super Six Four (Pre-Order)

Sikorsky® MH-60L Black Hawk® – Super Six Four (Pre-Order)

Optional Delta Force Pair add-on can be preordered now to guarantee it arrives with the first batch. Deltas will be offered separately at a later date. And don’t forget your Universal Aircraft Stand!

Jûlkat - Danish Reconnaissance Vehicle (Pre-Order)

Jûlkat – Danish Reconnaissance Vehicle. This is a Limited Edition kit and will not restock after the initial batch is sold out.


WWII Panzer Commander - Brickmania Classic Series

In stock now and ready to ship today!  You can also order just the torso…

WWII Panzer Commander Torso - Brickmania Classic Series

Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® DC-15

Flag - Washington DC

Stock level at 100% BrickJournal: Issue #81


Brickmania TV SitRep for August 10, 2023

Brickmania TV SitRep for Thursday, August 10th.

Brickmania TV SitRep for Thursday, August 10th.

Minifig Monday and Restock Preorders


HUMVEE® M1151A1 – USMC 4x4 with MCTAGS-R Turret

Coupon DDMONDAY will get you 15% off your M1151A1 Humvee (and Marines) if you order Monday or Tuesday (thru midnight CDT)


WWII German Rifleman with Splinter Smock

Vietnam War US Navy Helicopter Crew

General Patton in Decoration Uniform

WWII US Army Rifleman Torso - Brickmania Classic Series


New Release Friday: M1044 Humvee, PZL P.11c

Ukrainian Flakpanzer Gepard – Benefit Kit

Flakpanzer Gepard

Our first major new Ukrainian benefit kit since spring!  A major portion of the proceeds will benefit United 24 Over $300k raised in our first year… more on the way!  Use coupon code DDGEPARD to save 15% on your preorder if placed August 2nd or 3rd.


CV-22 Osprey Restock and More


Bell™ Boeing™ CV-22 Osprey™ – Tiltrotor Military Aircraft

Coupon DDOSPREY will get you 15% off your Osprey (and add ons) if you order Monday or Tuesday (thru midnight CDT)


M8 Greyhound & Two Classic Series Figs


M8 Greyhound – WWII US Light Armored Car

M8 Greyhound – WWII US Light Armored Car

M8 Greyhound – WWII US Light Armored Car

What’s inside the box


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