AH-6 Little Bird and NSW RHIB Digital Downloads!

The AH-6 Little Bird and NSW RHIB have arrived on digital download! There’s also the brand new minifig head with 360° printed balaclava with goggles. Plus, Brick Journal 69 is now available and the rest of the Modern German Tanker V2 restock is up and ready to ship! Not bad for a Wednesday! Stay tuned tomorrow for a preview of Friday’s drop!

F-16 Fighting Falcon®, Bell® X-1 Mach Buster, #MinifigMonday, Perfect Caliber BrickArms, and More!

The F-16 Fighting Falcon®, Bell® X-1 Mach Buster, and much more are BACK on brickmania.com! Remember, you can save an extra 5% on our retail locations through the end of today with proof of union membership. Including on new releases like the popular Neptune Spear US Navy SEAL and Ground Mobility Vehicle! Call ahead pick up is also still available!

Here’s a look at the full rundown…


The First Official Week of #SpecOpsBricks Has Arrived! New MOTM and More!

What a Friday lineup!! this week features the Beechcraft® AT-6E Wolverine, M777 and MTVR MK23 bundle, the GMV 1.1, and the new Neptune Spear US Navy SEAL Minifig of the Month! Plus, the MK V SOC (Special Operations Craft) and Westland Lysander Mk III are still available and now ready to ship to your door! It’s all happening now at brickmania.com! Have a great weekend everyone!

Harrier and Jackal Digital Downloads for #SpecOpsBricks!

New digital instructions have arrived for #SpecOpsBricks! This week features the AV-8B Harrier and MWMIK Jackal! Both are available right now along with their corresponding sticker packs and after market accessories at brickmania.com. Stay tune for video previews of Friday’s drop and check out the Sept. 2021 calendar on our blog to stay in the know on what’s coming Mondays and Fridays all month long!

Brickmania September 2021 Friday/Monday Release Schedule 9/3/2021 – 9/27/2021

Greetings Brickmaniacs! Due to some continued shuffling at the BKM HQ, our September 2021 calendar will be exclusively digital. If all goes well, we will have physical copies back for October. But, at least you’ll have an idea of what’s coming… starting with this Friday!

Note that new releases and restocks previously available on preorder may not be available come their official release date. All releases are subject to change or cancellation at any time at Brickmania’s discretion. Prices are not revealed until the product is live on brickmania.com.

Here’s a look at September 2021:


Modern US Navy SEAL and Modern Russian Special Forces Return! Monday Restocks and Restock Preorders!

Modern US Navy SEAL and Modern Russian Special Forces are BACK! Plus, a full lineup of restocks and restock preorders like the SH-3A Sea King™, Special Operations Edition HUMVEE®, and more! Tune into Monday’s SitRep for a closer look at everything, and hear from Lando about today’s #MinifigMonday!

Here’s a look at the full rundown…


Charging Ahead


Yesterday’s release of the Roman Chariot (which sold out almost immediately) concludes 2021’s #MedievalBricks month, which saw the release of epic new building sets like the Roman Fort and the re-release of some of Brickmania’s oldest kits in Digital Instruction format. Used primarily for racing rather than militarily, the Two-Wheeled Racing Cart is one of those sets that an entire ancient era MOC could be built around.


New MH-60L DAP Black Hawk®, A-4E Skyhawk, and Roman Chariot with Legionary!

The new MH-60L DAP Black Hawk®, A-4E Skyhawk, and Roman Chariot with Legionary are available right now at brickmania.com! Be sure to tune into the Friday SitRep for a closer look at everything featured in this week’s drop! Note that the Skyhawk is an exclusive, one time drop and will not restock.


Building Roman History


As we close the book on Brickmania’s epic #MedievalBricks monthly theme, there are still some Roman kits and some of the the Roman Legionary still available. Between the brand new Da Vinci kit and minifigure, the French Banner and Shield, the Castra – Barracks, and the fantastic Praetorium – Commander’s House, there are a lot of new things that an collector would want for their shelf. If you haven’t seen it already, check out this awesome animation the team did based on Dan’s explanation of the Roman Fort:


New #MedievalBricks Digital Instructions! Plus, Fw-189 Uhu – German Reconnaissance Aircraft Restock!

Happy Wednesday Brickmaniacs! The digital instructions gurus of BKM have put together a heck of a drop for this week. Including Vlad’s Tower, The Japanese Castle, The Highland Keep, and more! Plus, the Fw-189 Uhu – German Reconnaissance Aircraft is back after a website glitch. Available right now and ready to ship to your door! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s previews of Friday’s haul, and a have a great rest of your week!

Also, a note for our faithful blog readers: there will be no September BKM Vault. Still too many workloads to help lighten around the office. We have great people here, and need to ensure they can live normal lives too! Thank you for understanding.

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