Brickmania Resellers


Brickmania custom LEGO® kits and Brickmania Track Links™ are available from the official Brickmania web store (located in Minneapolis, MN, USA) in addition to select resellers around the world. Here is a small sampling of Brickmania resellers that may be able to provide faster delivery to your area. Resellers are also a good place to find Brickmania kits that may already be sold out the official web store. Any Brickmania products purchased through one of our resellers are still covered by the same quality guarantee that applies to products purchased directly from us.



“Official Brickmania Supplier to the Eastern Front”

Mini-Arms represents Brickmania at LEGO conventions and other events on the East Coast of the United States.




BRiCKiZiMo Toys is located in the  Netherlands  and sells to all of Europe


MOMCOM sells Brickmania kits in Japan





Neva Brick sells Brickmania kits in Russia

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