USS North Carolina Kit

USS North Carolina

Designer: Daniel Siskind
Piece Count: 445
Minifigs: 0 
Skill Level: Sophomore (2 of 5)

Laid down before the outbreak of World War II, the USS North Carolina was the first of a new class of American ships that would be among the fastest and most heavily armed battleships in the world. She was the first new American Battleship to arrive in Pearl Harbor just after the Japanese Attack and participated in every subsequent major naval campaign of the Pacific War. After serving magnificently in World War II, she was decomissioned from the US Navy and is preserved as a war memorial in Wilmington, NC.

Additional information about this Brickmania custom Lego® kit:

This model is built to 1/700 scale (common for plastic model kits) and measures over 12 inches in length. It is made up of 445 genuine new-condition Lego elements (weighs more than 1/2 pound!), features poseable main guns, and includes an engraved nameplate by the original brick engraver Tommy Armstrong. Daniel Siskind’s original model has been a crowd favorite whenever it’s been on public display and now you can have your own copy for your desk or shelf.

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4 thoughts on “USS North Carolina Kit

  1. Any chance this will be offered again? Really want one and its the best looking NC model, lego or not, I’ve ever seen.

  2. I would like to know if the lego USS North Carolina Can be purchased and what is the price of such.

    • The North Carolina kit will be back in production for a limited time in a few weeks. We do not yet have the retail price available.

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