UH-1H Iroquois “Huey” Kit


Brand: Brickmania
Designer: Daniel Siskind
Piece Count: 309
Minifigs: 0
Skill Level: Sophomore (2 of 5)
Availability: Ships on or after January 10, 2012

The UH-1 Iroquois “Huey” Helicopter has become synonymous with American’s involvement in the Vietnam War, with thousands being used by American and South Vietnamese armed forces for the duration of the conflict. Originally designated as a general purpose utility helicopter, variations served in medivac, troop transport and gunship roles. The most common variant was the UH-1H model, with its elongated body and powerful 1400shp engine. The UH-1H could be configured to carry 15 combat troops, six stretchers, or wide array of rockets and guns.

Additional information about this Brickmania custom Lego® kit:
This model is built for use with LEGO minifigs and includes seats for pilot and co-pilot. Minifigs, armaments and the sliding doors have intentionally been left off to keep the price down (doors were usually removed for combat missions anyway). The kit includes 309 new-condition LEGO elements plus printed building instructions and is shipped unassembled.

Durabilder™ Kit:
This kit is designed to be durable enough for reasonably active children’s play.

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