BrickArms M16 & M16 Variants Available to Order


BrickArms are pleased to release four new weapons from the M16 family today – all of them available now from Here are brief descriptions of each new weapon:

M110 SASS: 

A modern sniper rifle for the modern solider, the BrickArms M110 Sniper Rifle is ready for front line combat! Derived from the M16 rifle, the BrickArms M110 SASS features a scope and suppressor to ensure that one shot means one silent kill!


BrickArms puts the legendary “black rifle” in your figs’ hands with the BrickArms M16 Rifle! Combining power and accuracy, the BrickArms M16 is the perfect choice for minifig soldiers in the jungles of the Far East or the desert battlefields of today!


Locked doors aren’t a problem for the BrickArms Door Breaching M16 (M16-DBR)! One blast the M16-DBR’s integrated pump-action shotgun will blast any door off its hinges. Perfect for close quarters battles, the combined rifle and shotgun firepower of the M16-DBR also has the same effect on your figs’ enemies!


The classic M16 reborn for modern assault, the BrickArms M16 Advanced Grenade Launcher (M16-AGL)combines the accuracy of the assault rifle with the power of a grenade launcher in one deadly package! Equipped with a scope for added accuracy, any fig armed with the BrickArms M16-AGL is ready to support their squad with some truly heavy duty firepower!

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