M3A1 Stuart Kit Updated and Back in Stock

M3A1Stuart Light Tank

We made some minor changes to the new batch of Stuart tanks rolling off the assembly line today. This includes fixing a couple of small design flaws, updating some parts, replacing the brick -built M1919 with BrickArms’ version and removing the mini figure. The net result is an improved model and a lower purchase price! Available now at Brickmania.com

M3A1 Stuart Light Tank

M3A1 Stuart Light Tank

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4 thoughts on “M3A1 Stuart Kit Updated and Back in Stock

  1. i hope this tank comes back for sale i had the money to buy it but it came out of stock at the last second i was upset

  2. Great,I had already bought this ! The whip aerial was the only problem i had,it kept coming loose.Wonder if they will send me a free one,as a loyal customer haha. 🙂

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