M41 Walker Bulldog Kits Shipping Week of March 4-10th.

Walker Bulldog

Pieces: 677
Minifigs: 1
Skill Level: Advanced (4 of 5)

Product Description

The M41 was is an American light tank designed to replace the M24 Chaffee tank that was introduced near the end of World War II.  Named after General Walton Walker, who died in 1950 during a Jeep accident in Korea, the M41 began production in 1951 and it was immediately issued to American units to replace their under-armed Chaffees. The M41 was mainly used  in the armored reconnaisance role, but the powerful 76mm gun was also effective in the fire support role and meant the Walker Bulldog could defeat more heavily armored opponants.  The Walker Bulldog was phased out of use by US forces during the 1960s as the military adopted the “Main Battle Tank” concept embodied by the heavier M48 and M60. M41s soldier on to this day in the armies of America’s allies and has been the subject of intense modernization programs. During the Vietnam War, the ARVN (South Vietnamese Army) equipped M41s delivered a sound thrashing to a North Vietnamese armored supply formations operation inside Laos, leaving a behind mass of destroyed T55s and PT76 tanks.

Additional information about this Brickmania custom Lego® kit:

This model is built entirely from LEGO brand bricks and includes one minifigs equipped with a BrickArms M1 helmet. There is also a customized M2HB machine gun made from combing a BrickArms M1919 and Lego elements. The tank turret has one opening hatch for the tank commander, is able to rotate and full 360 degrees, and the main gun can be posed at any elevation. The kit includes 677 new-condition elements plus printed building instructions and is shipped unassembled.

Important Release Info:

We are waiting the arrivial of track elements to arrive from our supplier. We anticpate these kits shipping during the week of March 4-10th.

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