M102 105mm Howitzer “Vietnam War Battle Pack” Preview Pics

M102 Howitzer

We’re currently working on our first “Battle Pack” release for 2012 and it will come in the form of an M35 “Deuce and a Half” Truck, M332 ammunition Trailer and M102 Howitzer (all of which made appearance is the Vietnam War and both Iraq wars).  This little mini gallery contains “work in progress” photos and video of the prototype models and instructions images. The exact contents of the battle pack are still to be determined, but it will certainly contain awesome stuff from Brickmania, MMCB, and BrickArms.

Goofing around with a video camera in the Brickmania Toyworks!

M102 Cannon

First prototype version of M102.

M102 In Travel Position

M102 in Travel Position

M102 in Firing Position

M102 in Firing Position

Stay tuned for release info!

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  1. what happend to the m35 gun truck i was hopeing to buy a few of them please get back to me and hopefuly you can bring them back

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