M35 + M102 Howitzer Battle Pack

M35 & M102 Battle Pack Cover

The M102 105mm howitzer was developed as a repalcement for the World War II vintage M101 as the US Army’s main fire support artillery piece. The M102 was first used by combat troops during the Vietnam War, where it’s lightweight aluminum chassis and its rapid rotation swivel base proved it a worthy upgrade to its venerable forebearer. The lightweight of the new weapon meant it could be more easily handled by troops, but more importnaly it could be airlifted to remote fire support bases by helicopter or parachute dropped with airborne units. During the Veitnam War, the M102 was commonly transported by a CH-47 Chinook helicopter or towed behind a M35 6×6 Truck and in more recent times by the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter and HMMWV (“Humvee”) utility vehicle.

Additional information about this Brickmania custom Lego® kit:

The M35 and M102 Howitzer Battle Pack features the M35A2 6×6 “Deuce and a Half” Truck and M102 Howitzer combination as used in the Vietnam War. This Brickmania model is made using new-condition Lego building bricks and highest quality third-party custom elements. The M35A2 truck features opening doors on the crew cab, a working tailgate and a custom cloth cover from MMCB Capes. The M102 howitzer featurings a rotating pedestal base, fully elevevating gun, and wheels that can be lowered for travel or raised into firing position. The kit comes unassembled with printed building instructions.

M35 & M102 Battle Pack
Battle Pack Extras!

Extra features included only in this limited edition battle pack includes the following bonus items:

  • M332 ammunition trailer with opening tailgate and plenty of room for ammo or supplies.
  • Two custom minifigures featuring weapons and helmets from BrickArms and custom cloth jackets MMCB Capes.
  • A brand new prototype 105mm artillery shell from BrickArms.
  • A 20 inch handkerchief cut from South Vietnamese tiger stripes camouflage cloth and custom screen printed with a bold, yellow Brickmania logo.
  • The entire Battle Pack comes packed inside a vintage military style medic sachel emblazoned with a Brickmania patch, perfect for carrying school books or collectables.
The M35 + M102 Battle Pack is strictly limited edition and will be available only while supplies last.
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