Sturmgeschutz III Ausf A Kit Back in Stock

Sturmgeschutz III

Just in time for your spring offensive, our popular “StuG” III Ausf A kit is back in stock after a brief period of unavailability due to parts shortages.  This kit has a semi detailed interior that will comfortable hold the crew inside (we happen to have a good supply of minifigs at the moment, available to purchase separately). You can order your StuG III HERE.

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind our fans that Brickmania is not officially connected in any way to the Lego company. The parts for all of our kits are purchased at the same stores as everyone else and some parts are more rare than others. When something we use in a kit becomes hard to find we are forced to raise prices or even stop production. Just take a look at the WW2 Kit Archives and you will see how many kits that have been forced out of production because we can’t get parts to make more.

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