Countdown to World War Brick!


One more week to World War Brick – the biggest all-military & historical LEGO display and sale!  This is a free event organized by Brickmania, GI Brick and BrickArms that will take place in Wheeling, IL on June 15th-17th. This is an update on what we have planned:

Juno Beach

A tiny teaser from Rumrunners’ epic Juno Beach diorama to be publicly unveiled at World War Bricks

Awesome Displays and MOCs
(MOC=”My Own Creation, *=never before displayed in public):

  • Juno Beach landing diorama by Ross Scott (aka “Rumrunner”)*
  • Assorted 1:1 scale handgun MOCs by Joey Popelka*
  • A World War II battle scene by Donny Jordan featuring Brickmania models and his own MOCs.*
  • Vietnam War diorama by Daniel Siskind and John Neal.
  • 1/72 scale Dessert Storm diorama*
  • A flotilla of warship MOCs of various scales and sizes
  • Hundredsof tanks, trucks, airplanes and other historic military vehicles.

    WWII Vehicles

    Just a tiny portion of the vehicles we’ve gathered.

The Coolest Stuff for Sale

This event is being organized and sponsored by three of the biggest names in the LEGO aftermarket and custom accessory community. In addition to all the cool stuff to look at, we will have a lot of really nice things for sale:

    • A complete selections of custom LEGO® kits by Brickmania, including hard-to-find, exclusive and even out-of-production items from years gone by. We’re hoping to have at least one new release available for the weekend – details to follow.

New Summer 2012 BrickArms releases will be available at World War Bricks (get ’em faster than mail order!)

  • A massive arsenal of BrickArms custom molded weapons and accessories, including many rare items and even new releases that will debut at this event. BrickArms founder Will Chapman will be on hand to answer questions and plans to have exclusive goodies on hand.
  • A new 1:1 scale Micro-Uzi kit by Joey Popelka.
  • Hundreds of custom mini figures from GI Bricks, BrickArms and Brickmania with exclusive prints and accessories.
  • Shirts, patches, hats, books, magazines, and more!

Attention Registered Brickworld Attendees:

If you are registered for Brickworld attendee (i.e. you have paid the full registration) show us your BW2012 name badge or brick and we’ll give you a complimentary World War Bricks 2012 commemorative bricks.

More Information:

There is a page set up on the that has more general information about World War Brick and we will try to keep it updated as the even draws nearer. We look forward to seeing you there!

A map to World War Brick from Brickworld HERE

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